Titans Will Dominate Jaguars

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Jaguars vs. Titans, 1 ET

I’m not the biggest fan of the Titans, as many of you are probably familiar with from these articles. However, there are spots that I think are a little better for them than others. This is one of those spots. In addition, the Jaguars, despite looking a bit better lately, should struggle here with a banged-up Trevor Lawrence.

The Jaguars come into this game off of a 40-14 loss to the Lions and now have to face a division rival. Right now, Jacksonville is sitting with a 4-8 record which is the same number of wins they’ve had the last two seasons combined. They still are not likely to make the playoffs or even make a run toward the division. A win here could help, but it is still very unlikely even if they do pull this off. I am here to tell you that they won’t. There are a lot of guys on the Titans that have questionable designation on the defensive side of the ball, but I am not sure the Jaguars offense is good enough to take advantage of any weakness or holes. This is the first matchup between the teams this year, so we can’t gleen anything from a previous game, but I just don’t see how the Jaguars come in here and stop the run or passing game (albeit a weak one) from the Titans.

Derrick Henry likes to play against the Jaguars. In 11 games, he has been able to average 103 yards rushing per game. In four of the past six games, he grabbed at least 130 yards and had over 200 yards in two of them. I expect more of the same from him in this game. He hasn’t gone off in the past four games, but should be able to open up the game a bit here in one that the Titans will look to control the clock. The Titans are not playing very good football right now, but they can rebound against a bit of a punching bag in the Jaguars. Tennessee can be thrown on as they are allowing almost 300 passing yards per game, but I don’t think Lawrence is the risk others are to throw on them though. The Titans do have a stout rush defense too, so the ground game of Jacksonville is unlikely to get going.

I don’t have faith in Trevor Lawrence to lead a team to victory yet. He’s fine, but still makes some big mistakes – especially when he is under pressure. I am a bit concerned about the injury report from the Titans, but I think we will be okay. I’m taking the Titans -4 at home.

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Written by David Troy

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