Titans’ Kenny Britt Talks NFL Suspension, Britney Spears

Today our radio show, 3 Hour Lunch, broadcast live from Tennessee Titans training camp and after the practice we had several players on, including wide receiver Kenny Britt. One of the big topics of the NFL offseason has been whether or not the NFL would suspend players for violating the personal conduct policy during the lockout. No player has tested the limits of that policy — via his multiple run-ins with the law — than Kenny Britt. You can hear our entire interview here. I’d encourage you to listen because, notwithstanding his issues, Britt is actually a pretty engaging guy.

That’s what makes his arrests and run-ins with the law so frustrating to Titans officials.

Asked about whether he was worried about being suspended, Britt replied: “Everybody’s going to be worried about it (a potential suspension). I’m sure I’m a little worried about it, but I’m hoping and I’m praying that nothing happens to me.” Asked if he’d spoken to anyone at the NFL, Britt replied, “No, not all, not so far. I’m waiting to hear something from them or I might go knock on their (the NFL’s) door and ask them.”

As he awaits his punishment Britt said that he didn’t get nervous when his phone rang and he didn’t recognize the number. “No, not at all,” Britt said, “because I don’t answer no phone calls that I don’t know the area code. You can even ask my Coach Raggy (Ragone) about that, he’s been calling me all summer long. I told him, he’s got to send me a text before I’ll answer it.”

Britt also discussed his performance at Britney Spears recent Nashville concert, the appearance that reintroduced him to Titans fans: “Britney made me look good,” he said, explaining that he had a connection with her manager. As Britney prepared to take the stage, she told Britt he was going to be involved in the concert. “I told her I don’t dance, I don’t sing, and she told me all you got to do is sit there. The next thing you know I’m handcuffed to a pole.”

Britt then provided one of the best quotes in 3HL history, “I’d rather be handcuffed to a pole next to her than handcuffed in a prison.”

Well said, Kenny, well said.

With Chris Johnson now the lone star holdout in the NFL, Britt told us, “I haven’t talked to him (Chris Johnson) since about a month ago when he called me after the Britney Spears concert and asked me about Nicki Minaj because she was also there.”

Yep, CJ wanted to meet Nicki Minaj. And proving that everything ties back together again at OKTC, here was Hayley’s article about Minaj’s famous nip slip last week.

In the meantime, Britt is trying to get ready for the upcoming season while hoping that his tumultuous offseason will be forgotten: “The past is the past and all I can do is move on from it,” Britt told us. “I got a son and a daughter now and I’m trying to make a better future for them.”  

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.