Titans Draft Pick Is In Trouble For Allegedly Striking Woman

The Tennessee Titans, who had horrible issues with 2020 No. 1 pick Isaiah Wilson, have more draft pick drama, but this time it’s with a fourth-round pick who’s in trouble for allegedly punching a female. Police in Pittsburgh say 4th round pick Rashad Weaver, an edge rusher out of Pitt, has been charged with simple assault for an incident that happened at 2:28 a.m. on April 18, according to WKRN’s Emily Proud.

The Tennesseean reports Weaver and the woman were in an argument at a bar five minutes before the incident. The woman told police she threw a drink on Weaver during the incident.

The report was filed April 30, which means the Titans drafted Weaver the day after he was charged with striking a woman in the head. The arrest report, according to Proud, states that an officer “observed no injury consistent with a punch to the head.” An officer working the case spoke to the woman who said she went to the hospital days after the alleged incident because she had been throwing up and was allegedly diagnosed with a concussion. That’s also the point at which the hospital determined she had been pregnant when the alleged incident occurred.

Proud also reports that it states in the report that “Before leaving he (Weaver) stated to other officers on scene that he had no problem hitting a female if they needed it.”

Now, all of that said, the last place the Titans want to be after the Isaiah Wilson experience is to be back dealing with nonsense. The good news here is that this is a 4th rounder who can be cut immediately if it appears this is going to get ugly. The bad news is that the Titans’ advanced scouting security team didn’t know about this. These security teams know the girls the draft picks took to prom. Missing this one is inexcusable for the Titans’ security department.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. The key here is the Titans still drafted him…AFTER this had happened the night before! The people evaluating talent and pulling the triggers on these players are incompetent at best or saboteurs at worst. Any idiot should know better than to draft a kid the day after he gets charged with assault. It’s not like there weren’t 50 other guys available in the 4th round just as good without pending charges. Unbelievable.

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