Titans Beat Bills; Teachers Arrested Having Sex in Bathroom

I blame y’all for not letting me know about this story. Just when I thought all the drama was taking place on the field during the Titans 23-17 win, two teachers were arrested for having sex in Ralph Wilson Stadium bathrooms. Seriously. What percentage of women would have sex in a public bathroom even if you knew no one else would enter? (For purposes of this question, LSU girls are excluded). Gotta be low, right? Okay, now make it a crowded football stadium bathroom.

I can see you cringing from here, ladies.

Okay, well, let’s let Buffalo’s WIVB take it from here.

35 year-old Jennifer Rotella and 38 year-old Michael France were among those arrested, both elementary school teachers, who work for the Wilson Central School District. Rotella is a teacher at Stevenson Elementary School and France is a teacher at Thomas Marks Elementary School. Both are charged with public lewdness.

Sources tell News 4 the pair was caught having sex inside a bathroom at the Bills stadium. France’s wife told News 4 her husband was stopped while leaving the lavatory, but she wouldn’t confirm if he was alone or with someone.

Proven fact: nothing makes women hotter than a December game in Buffalo featuring a sub .500 team.

See, you’re not that bad of a husband after all. How do you know? Because you weren’t cheating on your wife in a public bathroom during a football game and arrested for doing so.  

Next time your wife is mad at you for drinking too much at a game, trot out this argument: “Honey, it could be worse. You could have had to bail me out of jail for cheating on you in a public bathroom during a football game.”

Teachers allegedly caught in bathroom having sex: wivb.com


If you want more pictures of the teachers, you can go to Busted Coverage.

Also, the Big Lead points out that there were 26 arrests during the game.

In the meantime, you may not be perfect, but at least you haven’t cheated on your wife in a football stadium bathroom.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.