Charlie Strong Gives The Latest Update On Tim Tebow

The media may not hold much grace for a guy like Tim Tebow — outspoken over his values and a devotee to the sport of football — but the outpour of support from his coaching staff continues to be a positive sign for his return to football.

Former University of Texas head coach Charlie Strong is also debuting with the Jaguars as the new assistant head coach and inside linebackers coach. Strong formerly served as assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for Florida during the Meyer-Tebow era.

When asked about the Tebow’s status on the field with sights set on a new role, both in the locker room and on the field, the new coach for the Jags gave a Strong approval of the determined Tebow. What Charlie failed to drop was a clear indication as to whether he believes Tebow will be on the 53-man roster after official cuts in August.

Strong said the following in a post-training camp interview: “When you look at teams and when you just look at just the following — because whenever you say Tim Tebow, you know that you’re going to have just a truly mass following from the media to even just fans out there, want to know how he’s doing, and I think that he’s done a very good job of just handling himself and just embracing it.”

He praised the former Broncos QB for his chemistry with his new team, despite a five-year hiatus from the NFL. “What you wonder a lot of times when you get a player like that who’s been away from it is, ‘How is he going to be accepted in the locker room?’ And I think the players have done just an unbelievable job of just taking him in.”

Despite there being a highly skeptical attitude toward Tebow’s integration in a new locker room, it seems that Strong’s firsthand account is exactly what Tebow apologists have been preaching.

Tally another win for Team Tebow.

Written by Alejandro Avila

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