TikTok Veterinarian Goes Viral With List Of Dog Breeds She Wouldn’t Own

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I’m sure TikTok veterinarian Whitney Terrell is a nice person, but she’s completely out of her damn mind with her list of dog breeds she wouldn’t own that has since gone viral. It’s probably not best for my blood pressure to even write this post, but as a Doodle owner, I cannot possibly let this list slide.

Whit based her Top 5 Dogs I Wouldn’t Own list on health issues and behaviors.

OK, that’s fine. Go on.

“Some of these dogs are really sweet but a lot of them are crazy, crazy hyper, can’t sit still for two seconds. We’ve had some really aggressive ones as well,” Whit explains.

I hear you girlfriend, give us this list.


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Whit’s list of dogs she wouldn’t own because she’s a vet:

5. Chinese Crested

4. Chihuahua

3. Pugs (dogs that can’t breathe)

2. German Shepherd / Belgian Shepherd

1. Doodles

This is a great example of a vet who would rather deal with doodle moms instead of Pit moms who spend all day on Facebook defending the breed against the enemies who would dare say a bad word against pits.

Am I looking for a fight with Pit moms or Pit crews? Hell no.

But let’s call a spade a spade here. Whit doesn’t want to have her vet service canceled. She’s taking out the easy target here by going after Kathy’s beloved doodles. Linda isn’t going to go nuts on Whit and try to cancel Whit’s vet business.

Meanwhile, if Whit goes after Nicole’s beloved pitties, it’s game on.

My baby girl is No. 1 on Whit’s list? She’s nuts:


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As for dog breeds that Whit would own:

5. Great Pyrenees

4. German Shorthair Pointer

3. Golden Retriever

2. Mutts/mixed breed

1. Basset Hound / hounds

You make the call here. Is Whit nuts? Am I nuts for owning a doodle? What dogs are missing on each of the lists? You make the call.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. She is a lazy dog owner who has no time for intelligent high maintenance dogs (though she has a pointer in her top 5 keepers). Doodles are freakishly smart with high energy and require attention and engagement. She owns a dog that is fine with curling up in a corner, farting and napping all day.

    Take it as a compliment.

    • I don’t know. This is like when a mechanic tells you not to buy a BMW or Audi unless you want to put his kids through college. Probably would listen to a vet when it comes to the type of dogs that are easier/harder to live with

      • Eh, I agree with you in that perspective, and had she thrown a list out based on health and temperament issues from a vet, I would take that. Her list was devised almost entirely on her preferences for a dog which I took as a personal preference. She pointed out health issues for the obvious reasons, but she also admitted that she didn’t have time for a high-energy dog which I believe was the premise behind her least desirable choices.

        Despite her breed selections, I like her and believe she would be well suited for advising someone on a breed that is appropriate for their needs. My top dog is an Irish Setter, but I am not offended that they didn’t even sniff her list. This is a cool topic that I think could go on for days when discussing favorite and hated breeds. I love dogs (hate cats) and if I could have 20 dogs, I would have 20 different breeds, half of them mutts.

    • It’s getting late and I laughed my ass off at the farting, napping dog!! I have a Great Dane. She is the best friend, most well-behaved dog I’ve ever had. She protects the house, but is truly a gentle giant. And she loves to curl up on the couch, farting and napping!!

  2. Hound based mutts are the best. Pugs are great, but have a butt load of health issues. I don’t understand the GSD being on the list, but to each their own.
    I don’t like poodles. My aunt gave me a mean OLD poodle when I was 9 as a ‘gift”. I wouldn’t have anything associated with poodle. I don’t damn you your choice.

  3. Well, I have a Great Pyrenees mix now. Terrific dog, but sheds like crazy. I’ve had Border Collies, Aussies, Blue Heelers, all mutts but that’s what they looked like. I would agree with her on picks 3 through 5. Other than that, any dog can be a great dog, no matter how crazy. More about the owner than anything.

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