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NASCAR’s Super Bowl is today

Are they still calling the Daytona 500 NASCAR’s Super Bowl? That never made sense to me given how it marks the beginning of the season. I get that it’s a huge event and all, but isn’t the first week of the NFL season a pretty big deal too?

Anyway, enough trying to analyze that. I’ll leave it up to folks who are much smarter than I am. The bottom line is the Daytona 500 is a big deal for NASCAR fans and it’s here.

Two Hendrick Motorsports teammates will be leading the field on Sunday afternoon. Alex Bowman, driving the No. 48 Chevrolet, took the pole on Wednesday night and will be joined in the front by Kyle Larson and his No. 5 Chevrolet.

Not that race fans need anything to hype them up for the Daytona 500, but here are the Top 5 Daytona Moments (as of 3 years ago).

The NBA relied on a G League player to hype up the Slam Dunk Contest

Remember when the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest brought out the stars? That hasn’t been the case in years and sadly on Saturday night the league hit a new low.

Not only were the biggest names in the NBA not participating in the event, they brought in a G League player known for viral dunks to save the event.

Former G League rookie of the year Mac McClung. The 24-year-old signed a two-way deal with the Philadelphia 76ers just so he could participate in the event.

McClung hasn’t played in a single NBA game at all this season and he won the event.

It’s like calling up a Minor Leaguer whose batting practice bombs have gone viral just so they participate in the Home Run Derby. Then having that guy win the event.

Rob Manfred, don’t you dare get any ideas. You’ve done enough to ruin the game I grew up loving. Luckily, there are still a few of baseball’s biggest names who participate in the Home Run Derby.

Back to McClung. It’s not his fault. He’s just out there having a good time and taking home dunk contest titles. Have a weekend.

The XFL is back

The XFL made its return yesterday. The Rock dropped a hype video and let everyone know that his version is about grit, passion, culture and opportunity.

What he left out were things like super-challenges. I don’t know if the NFL needs this, but let’s see how it works out in the XFL. Maybe they do.

For the most part social media seemed very impressed with the quality of the play. And if you’re a fan of the game of football still being a contact sport, you’re going to love the fact that you can actually hit receivers going over the middle.

That hit might get you thrown in jail in the NFL. Enjoy the 500, let’s get the day off on the right foot.

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