Tiger Woods Reportedly ‘Doesn’t Want Career To End Like This’

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What matters most is that Tiger Woods makes a complete recovery following his devastating single-car crash Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. Golf is way down the priority list for now.

Woods, 45, underwent emergency surgery after experiencing multiple leg injuries, and while he is reportedly “responsive,” the road back is expected to be long and challenging.

But while golf isn’t the priority today, Woods remains determined to make a comeback, People reported, citing a source close to Woods.

“He doesn’t want his career to end like this,” People quoted the source as saying. “So if there’s any way at all that he can continue playing golf, he will.”

Woods recently underwent a fifth back surgery, putting his status for competing at The Masters in April in doubt. He won The Masters in 2019.

“Undoubtedly, he has a long road to recovery,” wrote Dr. David Chao of OutKick. “I have no idea about specific leg injuries, but to require immediate surgery indicates an open (through skin) injury, very unstable fracture, joint dislocation or arterial injury. All of these would require extensive recovery that would likely preclude competitive golf in 2021.”

Meanwhile, OutKick’s Greg Couch wrote that recovering from the accident will be Woods’ most difficult challenge yet.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. I dont know if this is as obvious to everyone as it is to me, but absolutely nobody would ever want their career to end like that.

    I just hope he recovers without any trouble and we get to see him play again.To this day, I will tune in if Tiger is playing over most other sports.

  2. this will hopefully save Tiger in the long run. If he is driven to come back, like Alex Smith of the Redskins, God speed. its about health of course, but Smith said it was football that hurt him and saved him. without the idea of playing again, Alex likely would not have recovered truly.

    same may be true for Tiger. maybe he should get with Alex soon. Alex will be unemployed soon anyway. Tiger can hire him to be a rehab mentor. Inspiration.

    Get Well Soon Tiger.

  3. five back surgeries!!! can’t imagine going through one…having sustained and recovered from a complex fracture of the femur…no metal or rods in 1968…leg traction for 2 months, spika cast(essentially a body cast) for 10 weeks…crutches for another month but after the August 1968 trama, I played linebacker in the fall of 1969…never as fast(physical therapy nearly non-existent) but the leg was healed…but i was 16 then…I would love to see Tiger compete fully again…just a huge mountain to climb

  4. I wish him well but I’m afraid his days of being a factor on the tour are over. His makeup as a competitor will get him playing again but age and injuries will be too difficult to overcome.

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