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I was worried about NYC orgy clubs…sounds like they’ll be able to get back to business

Orgy clubs are back in NYC now that the city is starting to reopen the businesses that make the city hum. That’s right, sex clubs are coming back before baseball. Yes, club patrons will have to wear a mask (probably not the first time people at the club have worn those) and gloves. The big news here is that patrons won’t be able to hook up with anyone that’s not their partner they came to the club with.

Baby steps. It’s exactly how baseball should’ve handled things. You can’t just go right back into banging strangers at sex clubs after a historic pandemic. You have to get in there, test out the waters and let restrictions be pealed back over time.

There will be sanitation centers and it sounds like there will be social distancing. So you deal with the new rules for a couple weeks and before you know it you’ll be swinging again. Everything will be OK.

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