Tiger Woods Frustrated, Unsure About Timetable For Return To PGA

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Nearly a year to the day after the automobile accident that resulted in life-altering injuries, Tiger Woods remains optimistic but uncertain as to whether he’ll one day be able to return to the PGA Tour.

“I wish I could tell you when I’m playing again,” Woods said during a press conference Wednesday at the Genesis Invitational. “I want to know, but I don’t.”

With the assistance of a golf cart, Woods was able to play in a 36-hole scramble with his son in December. Scramble aside, he hasn’t played competitively in more than a year and is unable to walk a course.

“I can still play, but I’m in a cart,” added Woods. “Being a weekend warrior is easy. That’s not that hard. Hit your ball, hop in a cart, ride, barely step out of the cart, grab your club and hit the next one. And the longest walk you have is probably from, what, the cart to the green and back?

“I can do that. That’s not that hard. But walking a golf course, that’s a totally different deal.”

The accident in February 2021 caused such severe damage to Woods’ legs that he required multiple surgeries. His right leg was nearly amputated, and his rehab has been almost constant.

“My walking, I’m still working on. Getting strength back. It takes time. What’s frustrating is my timetable,” Woods admitted to reporters. “I want to be at a certain place, and I’m not. I’m getting better, yes. But not at the speed I would like. It’s frustrating.’’

Given his current struggles, a regular, or even semi-regular return to the PGA Tour seems unlikely. But Woods, now 46, refuses to throw in the towel.

“It’s been tough, but I’ve gotten here. I’ve gotten this far, and I still have a long way to go. Each and every day’s a fight, and I welcome that fight. Get up in the morning, let’s go a few more rounds.”

That’s one fighter you don’t want to bet against.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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