No, Tiger Woods Did Not Arrive At PGA Championship Wearing A ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Mask

Did he or didn’t he? That will be the debate on social media at least until (or if) Tiger Woods addresses his choice of mask.

Spoiler: He didn’t.

Today, Woods entered the PGA Championship course wearing what some believe is an apparent Blue Lives Matter mask.

Let’s get a better look:

While Woods isn’t known to make political statements, the mob may not care. Just the thought of wearing something that looks like Blue Lives Matter — and this clearly does — is enough for them to turn on an individual.

Last month, James Harden wore a similar mask, which badly triggered both the sports media and Twitter. At the time, it wasn’t clear if they’d ever recover.

While some can speculate what he did or didn’t wear, we suspect it is this more generic covering available at SA Company

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  1. Wow! Triggered for wearing something that SUPPORTS POLICE. REALLY? Supporting the PEOPLE who are in charge of PROTECTING & SERVING. What in the actual FUCK has this country turned into? Honesty. FUCK ALL OF YOU IN THE MEDIA! GOD BLESS AMERICA! SEMPER FUCKING FI & GOD BLESS THE MARINE CORPS. Clay, Jason and the rest of the millionaire media who brad about being rich may have loads of cash and a big PLATFORM….I bet 99% of ya couldn’t have survived one day in Afghanistan. (HOPEFULLY THIS IS A FREE SPEECH FORUM AND I CAN TELL YOU HOW I FEEL)

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