Tiger Woods Answers Call From Stomach, Pounds Mid-Round Sandwich

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Tiger Woods is using Thursday’s early-morning tee time to chow down.

After hitting the links at 9:11 am EST, Woods wasted little time resembling a hungover dad who uses the first half hour of a Saturday morning round to desperately seek enough carbs to soak up last night’s suds.

See, Tiger’s just like the rest of us!

After four holes from Southern Hills Country Club, site of this week’s PGA Championship, Woods found himself a sandwich, some tinfoil and a quick breather.

The contents of Woods’ sandwich have not yet been confirmed, though early social media speculation has odds favoring either a rueben or hoagie. Whatever sits between the foil-secured buns is working. Through four holes, Woods is -1.

More importantly, Woods may have inadvertently scored himself another sponsorship deal. This is textbook product placement by the 46-year-old, who won the PGA Championship in 2007. A couple chomps at the sandwich practically begs Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mike’s, or Quiznos to step up to the green!

Happy Gilmore

If Happy Gilmore was able to get Subway to supply him with three sandwiches a day to help keep him strong, who knows what kind of deal Tiger can score.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Wow, Tiger ate a sandwich?

    I haven’t read such a compelling story since Gary’s story about someone locking their keys in their car.

    I keep reading these stories thinking there must be more to it than what’s in the headline.

    Turns out there’s not.

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