Thursday Night Mowing League: The Dog Days Are Here & Injuries Are Mounting

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TNML commissioner’s report:

It’s been another busy week at the league office where I was on the phone with OutKick T-shirt Manager Maxx (yes, there’s an extra ‘x’), and we came to the conclusion that TNML was growing so fast that we needed to take the step of making a Twitter page. This project is still my baby and you can always reach me at, but it was important to have that dedicated space for TNML.

Maxx and I also came to the conclusion that TNML needed a hat. You don’t see many mowing hats on the market, so let’s offer one up that’s going to get plenty of attention at the microbreweries. Hey I was looking at your hat. Why is there a lawnmower on it? What’s TNML mean? Uh, do you have time to suck down 2-3 triple IPAs while I explain it? BOOM, a new TNML member.

I think the key to the TNML clothing line is that it’s gear that’s made for several different settings. You can wear it to the microbreweries. You can wear it to lunch at the VFW and start 15 conversations. You can wear the hat to the ballpark, and other dads will be giving you fist knocks. You can wear the shirt when your children are born. We have scientific evidence that babies absolutely love the tri-blend shirt material. You can wear the hat while golfing. The guys who cheat at golf wear Titleist hats. The guys who have fun, count everything and drink wear TNML gear.

• I’m ready to do a TNML meet-up here in NW Ohio. Let’s get a headcount of those who want to get together, and I’ll name a date and time. We’ll do it at a Toledo bar. If you can make it, great. If not, no big deal. Let me know if you’re interested: or slide into the DMs.

• There was some chatter this week from guys mentioning how they were injured and how they should go on the disabled list. Look, sometimes you have to play hurt. Sometimes you have to suck it up. I like to gauge things on how my father would’ve handled the situation. Would he play hurt or go on the 7-day disabled list? Usually, we can base our decisions on the mental part of the game handed down through the generations. Steve B. said he had an eye injury. Look, I hate to get aggressive here, but one eye is better than no eyes.

• Weather report: Our Utah guys have disappeared. It might have something to do with Salt Lake City sitting at about 100 degrees and no rain. I was a little disappointed we didn’t see much out of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. In fact, SEC country was rather quiet as a whole. Are you guys even mowing down there? Too soupy?

I get sunscreen in my eyes at least 2-3 times a year that leaves me blind in one eye. Do I stop? Absolutely not! So unless you lose both eyes in a tragic accident, get out there!

• And finally this week, I have to say that Lyle Davis the pecan farmer (see his post below) sends in some of the best TNML pics. The guy just has a knack for reading the room and understanding the emotions of the game. Good for Lyle. It’s much appreciated.

One more thing, this week I asked for your NASCAR reports. I want you guys to look at yourselves as NASCAR drivers who just finished 500 miles on a superspeedway. There’s no reason why residential mowing shouldn’t be like NASCAR post-race reports. Tim in Delaware absolutely won the week. He took the idea and filled in the blanks beautifully.

This is how it’s done, folks. Get creative. Have fun. Suck down life and see what it gives you in return.

Some of you have been asking about encouraging neighbors to join in on the Thursday night mowing lifestyle. Matt in Nashville has a great story to share. Keep at it, everyone. Soon you’ll have others joining in. Nonverbal cues! Love it.

Wanted to let you know that TNML is alive and well in my neighborhood, due solely to the power of nonverbal cues. I started mowing on Thursday nights over a year ago without even knowing the TNML existed, and slowly but surely, my entire street has taken up the cause and are all now mowing on Thursday Nights without my ever having said a word. It’s incredible. I plan to break it to them soon that they are a part of something bigger, but for now it’s just awesome to watch. Anyways, here’s a couple of pics of my work including working in a new playset we built from scratch last weekend.

It was a big week for Matts sending in reports. I also heard from Matt C. in Denver who has opened up his weekends via the league. Emails like this one fuel me even more. There’s all this talk about mental health in the world. Here’s a mental health tip: Mow your grass on Thursdays & suck down the joy of life on Fridays and Saturdays without yardwork responsibilities.

Anyway, here’s Matt’s email:

Hey Joe,

Been mowing along with you out here in Denver’s south suburbs since the inception of TNML. My wife initially didn’t get why I was so insistent that the mowing must be done on Thursdays, but she’s come to appreciate how it opens up the weekends as much as I do. Love what you’re doing with the league and with Screencaps every morning. It’s become daily viewing for me, no doubt. 

Here’s a pic of my 16 year old mowing shoes and my drink of choice for tonight, the relatively local Mountain Time Lager from New Belgium up north in Fort Collins. Thanks again for starting the League. I love catching up on Friday mornings with what all of the mowers are up to each Thursday.

Have a good one,

I received this message from an emailer who wished to remain anonymous. All good. We’re not here to make anyone uncomfortable.

Been following the TNML for a while, but this is my first time participating. Got this in about 15 min before storms started hitting Carmel, IN. I’ve always liked mowing, but don’t take it as seriously as most TNML’ers. I do enjoy seeing how nice everyone gets their yards looking.
The reason I decided to participate tonight is, yesterday I found out I have a brain tumor. I don’t know much about it, other than the radiologist said benign tumor and I see the Dr next week to figure out what to do. I knew something was going on, so wasn’t that shocked and feel fine about it. But, just in case, wanted to make sure I got in an official TNML entry at least once. I enjoy this and your screencaps, and figure I may need some fun stuff among all the general craziness of the internet. Not looking for anyone to feel bad for me, just wanted people to know things like this are fun and can cheer someone up once in a while. Thanks for all you do.


Sean C. in Granger, IN is about as loyal of an OutKick reader as you’re going to find. It was great to hear from him on league night. Read that last paragraph from Sean.

Hi Joe!

Well, after a couple weeks of washouts, I’m finally back on schedule…..albeit with some more rain on the way.

But as luck would have it, I’m a little rusty. I was a strip and a half from being done and, you guessed it, out of gas. The best part, my gas can was empty. So a quick trip to the gas station was in order. I guess that’s like a closer coming into the game and loading the bases with nobody out, then getting a strikeout up followed by a double play to end the game. Not pretty, but I got the job done.

Depending on when the rain gets here, a Busch Light sitting by my newly put together fire pit is in order….as long as the rain holds off a little longer.

Regardless, a Saturday morning golf outing followed up by an afternoon cookout and a fire pit night is in order for the weekend. All because my lawn is done on Thursday due to the genius of the TNML! I’m barely exaggerating by saying this whole concept has changed my life for the better!

Tony C.

Howdy Joe, from Louisville, KY.  Thank you for all that you do for us real Dads out here.  I’m a loyal follower and #TNML fan, although between weather, our 2-year old’s “soccer” (read: kick a ball between meltdowns) on Thursday nights, and an ongoing battle with a nasty yard mole and his chipmunk buddies, our participation has been limited. 

However, we finally got in a good solid all-around family mow tonight, complete with a fierce game of chicken between Mom’s battery mower and Daughter’s bubble mower.  After putting the little to sleep, I finished up the backyard and enjoyed a refreshing Country Boy cider from just across your border, but still right here in KY!

Bill in Palacios, TX writes:

I know it is not quite the night yet, but I had the day off and wanted to get a quick start as we have a chance for more rain tonight (after 15+ inches last 2 weeks). Enjoy!

Things have dried out for Dave in Rhode Island to get a league night cut in. And I agree, the season is flying by. I don’t even want to think of summer coming to a close. I refuse to let those thoughts into my own head, Dave.

Hey Joe –

Azaleas finally starting to bloom – higher than average rainfall so far this summer continues to support #TNML efforts here in New England…season is flying by.

Tim G. in Ohio had to file a rainout report. It happens.

A line of heavy TStorms came through the 419 just as I got home from work. A complete TNML rainout. Not deterred. We will get back on schedule and be ready for next week!

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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