Thursday Night Mowing League: The All-Star Break Is Over

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Thursday Night Mowing League Commissioner’s report:

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I was able to get out yesterday for a cut before heading off to a big 8U baseball game which then turned into driving to the airport to get my mom who flew north from Tampa to suck down some of that fresh northwest Ohio air. Her timing was impeccable because the humidity is officially gone and we’re looking at a beautiful weather weekend. It’s also going to be dry, which hasn’t been the case for at least a week.

There’s something about getting that fresh cut after days and days of rain. The garden beds just look different. The sun hits the rocks differently. The flowers perk up.

I know many of you have been dealing with drought, heavy rain, extreme heat. Am I shocked our Utah guys didn’t check in this week? Absolutely not. Did you see the heat they’re dealing with in places like Salt Lake City where it hit 107 on June 15, which tied for the hottest temperature ever recorded in SLC? The Utah league members are clearly in hunker down mode.

Several of you have mentioned how much you love the story of Rodney Smith, the founder of Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service. I’ve been following along with Rodney’s story for what feels like the last 3-4 years as he’s been mowing yards all across the U.S. for people who could use a hand. Rodney’s journey should serve as inspiration for all of us who value service to the community. And who wouldn’t love a story that includes getting kids out of the house and breaking a sweat. Rodney is an absolute legend in this industry.

I know Rodney’s time is valuable so I’ll see if he’s up for chatting during a rainy day.

• Steve N. writes:

I think I’ve found our TNML Official Beer. As you can see, it’s the obvious choice- a real no brainer. Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company, located in Houston, is Texas’ oldest craft brewery. If there is any place in the world that needs an “after mowing beer” it’s here in Texas. The temperature was still in the low 90’s after I finished mowing around 7 o’clock last night!

Thanks for the terrific articles and attitude. I’ll be doing my part to promote TNML down here in Texas.

• Brent H. in Houston also sent word that Saint Arnold’s should be the official beer. Now I need to try some of this stuff.

• Luke O. writes:

A big hello and thank you for the work you do from the Badger state. That said, I need a ruling from you. I was all excited to come home from work today and get a fresh cut on the lawn. Like you, I’ve been off schedule the last few weeks due to weather, events, etc. Tonight was the night to get it all back together. However my wife’s grandmother wanted to come by and the see the kids today so my wife thought she’d use her newly found free time to cut the grass while I was at work. She thought this was very thoughtful and helpful of her to do (knowing that I planned on cutting the grass later in the day). I find it borderline treasonous and am trying to pick up the pieces from a lost TNML night. Is she in the wrong? Or should I be grateful for getting an easier night going into the holiday weekend?

• Douglas J. writes:

I’ve been following you and TNML from the beginning and since I got my TNML T-shirt, I thought it was time to submit my entry. It is only 83 degrees in Papillion NE but the humidity is at 64%, so I worked up a nice sweat in my first cut with my new T-Shirt. We had a crazy thunderstorm blow through early this morning and more on the way tonight, so I got off work early to make sure I could get in this week. I am pumped to have the lawn mowed already and I am taking the wife out to STYX and Collective Soul tonight! Our first concert since the pandemic. I love getting life back in gear and enjoying the things we loved to do before, like live music. To get my lawn mowed I wear my son’s old flashy soccer cleats since we have quite the slope in the back yard. There used to be a time when I didn’t wear the cleats and I had a few slips and falls. Not anymore. I also have a pretty good idea on how to get even more participants to join our league from Utah. I have included my favorite beverage, which is Triple X Root Beer. I am a transplant to the Cornhusker state because of the Military and I spent many years in the Beehive state and I know they love their root beer out there. More root beer pics will be coming…..One last question for the group, Do you water at night or in the morning and what are your reasons?

Commissioner’s response:

I don’t water the grass very often. Why? Because traditionally here in NW Ohio there are plenty of afternoon thunderstorms to handle that job. Plus, I have to get up early to compile my Morning Screencaps post and it doesn’t leave me much time to tend to sprinklers. At night, I’ll throw on either Yacht Rock Pandora or iHeart 80s on my phone and walk around the yard hitting spots that need it. That’s always a nice way to close out a night. Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” will pop on and I just stand there watering away listening to the birds chirping.

Now, the experts say the best time to water is in the morning before 10 a.m. “If you run a sprinkler at night, for example, it sets up the perfect conditions for disease to take hold. If you water too lightly, the grass roots will not grow deeply enough, setting your lawn up for trouble when hot weather hits,” according to

When in doubt, think about when a golf course waters. Or a neighborhood full of million-dollar houses with sprinkler systems installed by multi-million dollar companies who specialize in this stuff.

• I can’t wait to see how you guys decorate for the 4th. I want to see pics of the stars and stripes flying. I want to see the dogs in their 4th gear. Go out there and attack this very long weekend. You deserve it.

Matt R. via email:

Rookie entry for TNML checking in from Dickinson, ND. Also rookie mow on the new sod that was just laid mid June. Left it a little high trying to keep moisture in the ground since it’s been in the mid 90s this week. Ordered my T-shirt on Tuesday. Thanks for all the great content you’ve been pumping out, I look forward to it every morning.

Daryl K. via email:


Glad you had such a great time throwing back brews, crushing drives, and just decompressing and disconnecting from most everything!

Today was a quick mow in between meetings, and given the humidity and threat of rain all day, it was like I was swimming. Wife’s daisy’s and cone flowers are really coming in beautifully, she truly does a great job! Also, we had our deck replaced (work finished up about a week ago) and couldn’t be happier with the result! It’s like a completely new space!

As for the beer sponsor idea, I think the words of my father in law (albeit tweaked) ring true for TMNL: “The best TMNL brew, is the one your drinking right now”

Have a great week and look forward to many more weeks of mowing!

Ron D. slid into the Twitter DMs with his report:

Long time follower, first time entrant. Greetings from drying out central Illinois. Mowed, edged, and garden weeded. Life is good!

Ryan S. via email:

Welcome back Joe,

Ryan S checking in from NW Ohio

Glad to be back at it after a much deserved All Star break. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been battling the rain and several inches of new water in the last couple days. Fortunately, I was able to get out and line up the ole yard around the house like a fresh cut at the local barber shop. Finished off the evening with my favorite summer beverage “Oberon” from Bells Brewery.

On the downside, ran into a groundhog problem in the last week and had to change out the artillery.

Enjoy the weekend,

Kurtis J. via email:

A familial ménage a trois is undoubtedly frowned upon, but when you have Big Pops showing
off a fresh cut in a TNML shirt along with my sister-in-law and I laying down some defining
stripes all on a Thursday, in the TNML world that is like hitting the triple trifecta at your local Off
Track Betting parlor. Glad to have you back and great to hear you enjoyed your time off.

Here are messages sent in last week while the league was on its all-star break. It was great to come home from the golf trip to see so many of you showing off the league jersey. Love having the TNML shirts on the streets.

Sean C. wrote:

But with every rain cloud, there is a silver lining. A fresh case of Busch Light, a few games of Ms. PAC-MAN and my brand new TNML shirt, which was waiting for me when I got home. So not a bad Thursday night after all.

Jim A. in Highland, MI

3rd week in league, 1st week sporting a TNML tee.

Beau in Toledo:

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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