Thursday Night Mowing League: That’s A Wrap For 2021

TNML Commissioner Report:

Hope you guys have plenty of time on your hands for this one. Grab a beer or three. I told you guys to give me your final thoughts on the season and you delivered. As I type, this post stands at over 3,200 words. Typically, blogging experts like myself like to keep posts at 300-400 words because the common reader has the attention span of a two-year-old.

I’ve received just under 400 emails this year that include ‘TNML’ somewhere in the message. Nick S. emailed me at 7:32 on May 20 with a photo of a beer sitting on his mower. It was the first TNML submission and then Nick never emailed me again. Evan G. soon followed with the very first mowing report where he told me about his Husqvarna and the Two Hearted Ale post-mowing beer.

Robert S. in NC sent a report the following morning and your favorite Ohio redneck Beau in Toledo soon introduced himself to me around that same time.

Now here we are with thousands of members from coast to coast enjoying what it means to share in the common goal of living the Thursday night mowing lifestyle and freeing up their weekends to live life.

I’ll never forget in early June I was trying to enjoy a family vacation and I would get updates from OutKick T-Shirt Manager Maxx (yes, with two Xs), who was in disbelief as the shirts just started flying out of the store. Maxx told me something about how he’d be fired up if we moved 100 shirts.

Shoot, we had fathers buying shirts for entire families. I had friends that bought shirts and didn’t even beg for freebies. We had a total buy-in mentality that marketers dream of. And this is all organic. This isn’t me looking to bullshit you guys into buying shirts and hats. I flat out told Maxx that the shirts had to be insanely comfortable and so nice that guys would wear them to bars.

Done and done. We had guys wearing them around Key West. They were a huge hit.

For all the shit I’ve given Maxx this summer, the guy stood tall in the pocket (I think he played college tennis at Florida) and got the job done.

Moving along, there will be awards given out. I have special trophies that I plan to have out in the next two weeks that I think league MVPs are going to cherish. I’m dreading the process of picking MVPs because there are so many deserving members who’ve busted their asses to make 2021 such an incredible year, so my plan is to make you guys pick MVPs.

Then I can sit back and avoid the heat! Keep visiting Morning Screencaps as I come up with a list of MVP candidates to choose from.

Thank you to each and every one of you who’ve contributed. You’ve taken ownership and made this a huge success. What a year!

Commissioner Kinsey

• Tim McG. in Carmel, IN puts the season in perspective:

Greetings from the Carmel, IN outpost.  I brought the heat in my first e-mail and have ghosted you and the league since – life/work tends to get in the way.  I pledge to do better in 2022 – look forward to spring training.  Some quick thoughts on what TNML has meant to me:
• Without question my #1 thought: Restored my confidence that other “real” Americans do still exist –  I am not alone – there is hope for this country
• Served as a welcome therapeutic relief from the daily grind
• Provided a cool brother/sisterhood that evolved into a historic movement
• Stylish league t-shirt (shout out to Maxx, yes with two Xs) a fun conversation starter around town
• Lawn care, landscape, equipment, patio, grilling, and vacation tips & ideas
• All kinds of new beers to try
Thanks for all to do for the regular guys and gals out there.  I think you have grown to recognize the impact you are having, but I think it is much more than you even realize.  I always have plenty of beers ready to down if you’re ever passing through.

• Adam D., who has been a TNML loyalist from the beginning, writes:

First off thank you for the screencaps and the TNML community!   I am Datingdude on Twitter, but thought an email would be better.   
This has been a great time with all the other guys out there mowing on Thursday nights.   Had a blast getting ready each week and started caring more about my lawn than I have in past years.   We even reseeded an area that was almost dirt and weeds only.   This league returned my pride in yard work again.
Am a father of 5 kids and the first four our boys.  In wanting to teach my kids how to work hard and run their own business we started mowing lawns when my oldest was 10 years old.  That was almost 10 years ago and as the lawns started to pile up, my Fridays and Saturdays became busier and busier taking my kids to mow lawns.  Now, I couldn’t just sit in the car and watch them work.  We have two mowers and “spilt” the work in half.   Once my oldest could drive himself, I had weekends back for a couple of years.  Now my third son has been mowing for the last 3 years, which meant back to the grind for me too.  Love spending time with my kids “Doing Hard Things” Indy Darryl shout out, but my own lawn was being neglected.    
The league has helped me find the passion for my own yard again!  I still have lawns on Friday and Saturday to mow with my son, but I can come home and just relax with my own lawn looking great.   The league of brotherhood has been awesome.  Love seeing everyone’s lawns and tools of the trade.  My family teases me about the league, but I just love it so much!!  
Keep up the great work! 
• Hoosier State Murph writes:

Just finished today’s Screencaps edition and still have tears on my face thanks to the Kenny Albert video. That dude is the Rodney Dangerfield of sports broadcasting…he doesn’t get enough respect (or airtime, in my opinion).

All I have to say about TNML is Thank You!!! With all the dumb shit going on in this country it’s nice to read about regular people; Regular, God-fearing, America-loving, get-the-hell-out-if-you-don’t-like-it people. I laughed. I wept. I learned.
As a lifelong sports fan I’ve witnessed greatness from the likes of Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, et al. I’ve even see a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would anxiously await a weekly column about men mowing their yards. Yet, here I am yammering on about said column. This is appointment journalism. I never missed an episode. Sad to see the season come to an end. Thankful I have next season to look forward to.
We need a TNML and a Screencaps podcast! Sometimes tone of voice is everything but just can’t be conveyed in writing.
Thanks for all you do. Keep up the great work.
Hoosier State Murph
If my Cowboys and your Bengals meet in the Super Bowl (can’t believe I actually typed those words and meant them), I offer you a Gentleman’s Bet (a la Trading Places).
• Paul B. reflects on the 2021 season:
A terrific season that proved to myself and my neighbor that we are not alone on our love of cutting the grass. The focus on getting a cut in on a Thursday night gave us some more weekend time but it also provided a new sense of appreciation for what we have and enjoy. It was an honor to participate, have some laughs, beers and share in the stories of fellow league members. Thanks for spearheading the concept, the merchandise and the movement. We will be back next year bigger and better than ever and can’t wait to kick off the ‘22 season.
• Matt in Nashville has a final 2021 message:
Well, it was a total washout here in central Tennessee, but that’s ok, my season still has some weeks left based on how things are looking. I’m heading down to game 3 in Atlanta tonight, so it looks like I’m in for a weekend mow for the first time in recent memory – the neighbors will be shocked. Speaking of neighbors, the TNML magic is alive and well and spreading I’m happy to report. The bond a few guys can share over some fresh clippings and fresh brews is real, and now we’ve got it on the local level all over and nationwide too. I hope everyone closed/closes out the season strong, and I hope everyone finds something just as worthwhile to do on their off-season Thursday nights.

TNML Member Reports:

Indy Daryl mowed Wednesday to beat the rain and make sure he handled league business before the season ended:

With the threat of rain all day tomorrow here in Indy, I snuck an in between meeting mow this afternoon. Not much different in the way of pictures, but it sure is lovely to watch the tree change colors!

Have a great night!

Kurtis J. has something to show Indy Daryl:

Thanks for establishing a platform for what common folk view as a menial task, but us distinguished men view as an exhibition of pride of ownership. Good luck to all members who have projects lined up to replace the void TNML will leave. In Indy Daryl fashion, I am staging this pile of rubble to form a beautiful and glorious backyard retaining wall. See everyone next season!

Dave in Rhode Island had more bad weather. This guy has spent more time cutting downed limbs than I’ve sat on my patio listening to Yacht Rock all year.

Crazy week here in RI again with the major Nor’easter blowing through – lost power for two days (thankfully have a generator) due to my neighbor’s huge oak coming down across our road. Props to the crew in from Michigan that cleared the mess and hooked us back up to the grid.

Couldn’t get a mow in yesterday, but been a great season nonetheless and looking forward to next year. Thanks for keeping it real – we really enjoy your work!

In the meantime, fishing is still hot- here’s one of my buddy Phil with a nice striped bass from this week.

Corey L. in Baton Rouge kept track of his stats. This is something I need to do next year — create a database where members can report in so we can keep league stats:

Checking in from Baton Rouge where strong thunderstorms yesterday have left the grass a little damp for a final league night mowing. it looks like my season ended last Thursday. 

Irrespective of joining the league, I decided to keep a mowing log this season.  We’ve been in BR for three years and mowing season seems to last forever, so I was curious as to how many times I mow throughout the year.  Between March 21st and last Thursday, October 21st, I mowed 19 times with 9 of those occurring on Thursdays.  I know that’s not a great overall percentage, but between record rainfall and a busy travel schedule as the wife and I made up for lost COVID time, spring mowing was a challenge.  That said, beginning in July, I finished strong with 8 of my final 10 mowings occurring on Thursday, setting myself up for a strong 2022 season!
As for the remainder of 2021, three large oak trees will keep me busy with leaf duty and probably an every other week mow until December.  

Cheers to all league members on a great season! 

Ryan S. in NW Ohio changed it up this week and shows off what he built for the kids:

Good Evening Joe,

Well, the season is wrapping up and as this crazy year would have it, it will be highs in the 40’s next week with a chance of snow here in the lovely black swamp region. So, good timing on the season finale commish.

This TNML season has been nothing short of amazing. To anyone that knows me, I love to mow and take care of my yard. So you forming this great league of mowing warriors was the perfect fit for me. I used to mow whenever I had time, but actually setting a day, barring weekly interruptions, was perfect. Not only did my better half know when I was mowing, it allowed me the free time on the weekends to tend to my other hobbies.

What are my other hobbies you ask? Well, I really like to build. And, with my weekends freed up, thanks to the league, I was able to construct this kick-ass fort for my small army of soon to be mowers.

Speaking of my better half, I was able to grab a pic of her, waiting for the TNML to wrap up, before I climbed upon my mowing steed. Following my mow, I figured the beast needed to pose in front of the summer weekend project. Capped off the night with a silver bullet.

Thanks for putting this league together and for a great season. I look forward to continued reads of your column during the off-season.

I have a sneaking suspicion Beau in Toledo had tears streaming down his redneck cheeks by the time he was done pounding out this one!

Inaugural #TNML Season. (Ok, that part was bullsh*t, cuz Mom had a 6 am cataract surgery, but Stripes got put down right after surgery and a Mom Mandated @Chickfila breakfast run!)

Big Thanks to All of the League Members for proving that Giving a Damn about what You have and do means Something Good.

This @Budlight powered redneck would like to thank @MTD for the 20+ yr old #FrankenMower, @SylvaniaMower for the TWO new this year @thetorocompany #PersonalPace mowers, all 3 powered by @BriggsStratton, as well as @HondainAmerica for helping me handle 4 yards this year.

Gotta mention @stihlusa and @husqvarnausa for making sure edges were good and clean!
The AvGas from @ToledoSuburbanAviation kept my rigs running strong!
Also have to tip a #DaddyPop to @BulletLinerUSA for protecting the bed of the ’13 @RamTrucks that got me around town to make sure League Night was respected and #Fonbire fuel was delivered.

Last, and most important, THANK YOU Commissioner Kinsey, for being That Guy, the Guy that Everyone wants to drink a beer with. YOU, and all the League Members, made the Summer of 2021 a good year.

Dadgummit, forgot to mention @Springfield_Inc #XD40 and @keltecweapons #KS7 for protecting all of the above!


Sean C. in Granger, IN has been completely loyal to the TNML, but his season ended in darkness:

My day started in Salk Lake City. I had a 6am local time flight home, with a connection in Detroit. If everything kept to schedule, I’d be home by 3:30pm with a chance to get in my last league night of the inaugural TNML season. Three delays and a plane change later, my chances evaporated faster than the Bears chances of successfully developing a QB. By the time I finally got home at 6:35, it was too dark and too wet to get the job done. I stumbled to the end of the season fighting battles on too many sides. Rain, darkness, and ultimately today…..Delta Airlines.

As I’ve gotten back on the road for work more often lately, I’ve noticed an interesting trend. It’s probably been around longer than I noticed, but it stuck out this morning. I might be in the minority here, but what’s with the mid-week, early morning drinking in airports or on flights? When did the act of flying or sitting in an airport at 7am turn into tailgating rules? I get if it’s at least the afternoon and you have a long layover, or even if it’s a Friday morning (I’m not even talking about weekends. That’s fair game no matter what time you want to start). And I get that some people have flight anxiety, but just because you get an upgrade to First Class doesn’t mean you need 3 beam and cokes at 7am just because they’re complimentary, does it? Then walking through the Detroit airport at no later than 11am this morning, lots of bar drinkers. I’m curious to know what the protocol is here.

So as I mentioned, I tallied up my 3rd straight DNP to close out the year. I know I mentioned this in a report earlier this year, but the TNML has genuinely changed my life. I feel like I’ve stolen time on weekends by getting the mowing done on Thursday. It’s a simple enough concept, but it took you, Joe, to make it a consistent part of my life. Not to mention the community you’ve created with this league. I even find myself scoffing at neighbors who are mowing their lawns on Saturday morning when I’m headed to the golf course, or to the pool in the afternoons. You’ve found a way to create free time in a finite weekly timeline. On October 28th, the lawn still is thick and green, and as you can tell, many trees in the neighborhood are still very green.

Thanks for getting this movement going. I can’t wait for Opening Day ‘22!!!

Tim H. in Dover, DE got into the spirit for his final mow:

Masked up for the pre-Halloween season finale. A bittersweet Thursday night. Like your team’s last game of the season or the final episode of The Sopranos, you hate that it’s over but you’re glad it happened. Thanks to The League for the season. Just like most sports endeavors, it ends up being about the camaraderie. In a time more divisive than ever, a nice lawn followed by a cold beer and a free weekend is something we can all get behind! I’ve enjoyed seeing the Turf-Artists from around this great country. Well done Commish! Keep it growing (pun intended).

Matt R. in North Dakota checks in…that’s right…North Dakota!

Last mow of the year and I’m shocked I made it to October 28th here in Dickinson, ND. I finished up just before the sun went down and with a stocking cap and hoodie. I want to thank my sponsors for the year, Toro and Coors Light. Also shout out to the commish for bringing this great community together. Who knew four little letters could bring people from this great country together for one common goal…cutting great lines!

Benji added via email:

The TNML powers that be rejoice as the conditions lined up perfectly in Utah for a final cut in the 2021 season. The yard hasn’t needed a regular cut the last few weeks with cooler temps and minimal rain. October 28 has given us a perfect fall day with clear blue skies and temps topping out at 62. Probably my least favorite yard chore is raking/bagging leaves.

I love being able to tighten up the yard and allow the mower to double as a mulcher so I can put off having to rake for a bit longer. Now the yard is looking fresh for Halloween weekend with the fall colors popping. I’m grateful that my econo Craftsman mower and Stihl weed eater continue to serve strong after a 10th Season. I washed the cut down with a Mountain Dew Major Melon Zero Sugar, which is about as crazy as we get here in Kaysville.

Tim G. in Ohio couldn’t even get a mower on his property. This part of the country is going through the second-wettest October on record:

We got 2.7” of rain from Sunday afternoon through Monday night in the 419 and the ground still hasn’t dried out. Unfortunately, another round of rain began Thursday afternoon as I was on my way home. I know the #TNML season is over, but I’ve got a mess on my hands. It will take at least 2 and maybe 3 mows to get the grass down to where it needs to be heading into winter. We haven’t had a frost yet and the grass is still growing. Not sure when the post-season will end here in NW Ohio. Just want to thank you again for creating the league – we have had a blast this summer and are proud members!

The legend Mike T. in Idaho is back at it after that long vacation of his:

Mike T. from beautiful Eagle, Idaho reporting in after my four-week excused absence.
Haven’t touched the yard in that four weeks, but one of my daughters was nice enough to run The Donald over the grass and pick up leaves once for me!

Unusual weather here in Idaho. I’m hearing, snow one day, sun the next. But we were fortunate to have five days of rain. That and mild temperatures have kept the lawn green!

We did treat ourselves to the first fire of fall on our arrival home last night.

Spuddy Buddy was happy to be back in Idaho with his homies.

Really enjoyed being part of the TNML team and sharing the enjoyment and pride that comes from the simple things in life.

Thanks again Joe for all your hard work and commitment to our great and wonderful country.

Mark W.’s property gets me every single time. Look at that front entrance. It’s like a classic Rodney Dangerfield Back to School type movie set where guys are doing two-story beer bongs. Of course Mark has it all done up way classier than an 80s college movie.

Got the mow done but the sugar maples didn’t like the wind gusts. Will be transitioning from laying stripes to taking up the leaves over the next few weeks. 
Thanks for all you do.

Rob in NC checks in for the final league night:

Well finally getting some rain here in the Peidmont of NC,  so needless to say my mowing is PPD.  Fescue is coming in well, temps are ideal still for growing.  Sent in a couple of pics our deck that got crushed in May is coming back up with the help of my expert neighbor and included the wife’s front porch decor. I told her it’s one of her best Halloween spreads worthy of me getting the bin down even though our kids won’t even be around, but she deserves the TNML shout-out.  It has been a great season and I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts and knowing there is still hard-working everyday people who care what their yard looks like.
Great job and thanks Joe with TNML and screencaps.  Rob in NC #halloweenwife#Houstoncheats #Stihl#Husqvarna#buschlattes#RSSroofingandconstruction

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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