Thursday Night Mowing League Recap: Week 1

Week One of the Thursday Night Mowing League is in the books, and it feels like we have something here, folks. You did your part checking in with mowing reports across the U.S. from northern Utah to Alabama to Massachusetts. This isn’t about politics. It’s not about who won some meaningless game or what your kid’s OBS was over a travel ball weekend. The Thursday Night Mowing League (#TNML, not to be confused with Club Pro Guy’s Thursday Night Men’s League TNML) is old-fashioned Americana.

This is about citizens of this great country getting out there and working hard on their lawns, gardens, trees, bushes, rock walls, etc. This is about working up a sweat, pushing yourself when you want to quit and making sure when that sun goes down that you can look out across that yard you’ve worked so hard at and pride washes over you.

It doesn’t matter what size yard you’re working with. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on equipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a zero turn or self-propelled. Young and old. Women and men. The Thursday Night Mowing League is a microcosm of this great country and everything it stands for. We created this league, and I’ve yet to hear a single person bitching and moaning about it. That’s how I gauge success these days.

I don’t know where the TNML is headed, but I like it. There’s an honest enthusiasm that’s going to spread. Your neighbors will want to feel the rush you talk about over patio beers. Give yourself a pat on the back, TNML members. You’re the founding mowers of this movement.

Week One MVP candidates:

Brian H. in Rossford, OH was working with THREE WHEELS!

Justin in Augusta, GA (makes sense) shows off his Par 3:

What if it’s a rainout?

Rainouts happen. I still need rainout reports. Let the league know your backup mowing plan, how much rainfall we’re talking about, etc. Your reports help TNML members get through their own rainouts.

League shoes:

Next week, let’s do ‘Best TNML Shoes.’ I understand the zero-turn members could be excluded from this one unless they slum it with a push mower to get those hard-to-reach spots. We need to see those shoes you’ve been wearing for the last decade.

Why isn’t my name on my report?

If you send in a report via DM, I just figure you’re a little shy to put it all out there. Let me know on your DM if you want full credit.

Contact the TNML office:

DMs are wide open or you can always connect with me at

Stop scrolling and read this caption from Evan Gearing!

David S. via email: “Checking in from beautiful Northern Utah. Good to have the job done before Friday.  Enjoy your weekend!”

NW Ohio emailer: “Late entry… Might be disqualified bc it’s my Dad’s mower and yard, but he’s in rehab after open heart surgery… and he’s 80… I did the work… And drank the beer He left in the fridge just for me…”

Matt B. in Abington MA writes: “Here is the real MVP. My son Noah admiring his hard work taking care of the back yard. Keep up the good work Joe.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. AMAZING STUFF, Joe…you’re onto something BIG, I believe.
    Great idea, and the participation is fantastic!!!
    Gotta be some TNML merchandise in the future.
    The sky’s the limit !!!

  2. I am sad to say that I live in a shitty condo and can offer only sand art at the beach. Perhaps I will plant a patch in a planter box and go at it with the scissors, just for poor measure. I need friends like the TNML, and have none.

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