Thursday Night Mowing League: Hurricane Elsa Played Games With Our East Coast Members

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TNML commissioner’s report:

OutKick T-Shirt Manager Maxx (with two x’s) sent me a message Thursday night asking how the league is looking as we ease into July. I explained to Maxx that the all-star break slowed the momentum a little bit, but WE’RE BACK BABY! The holiday weekend is behind us, guys are back from their lake houses, and last night was a huge success for the league.

The email inbox ( was loaded this week, and the reports continue to amaze me. I get that it’s hard to take photos of grass week after week. I get that you can only pose your mower so many ways before it starts to look like an Instagram model who’s run out of ideas.

But you guys just keep hammering away with this league. T-shirts continue to leave the warehouse, and I’m even hearing guys demand that league members have to own shirts or they’re kicked out. Look, I’m not going that far, but it does help to have the league jersey. It helps spread the word. It alerts your neighbors that they need to get on board.

I bought a shirt this week for Lyle in South Carolina. Weeks ago, he sent a photo of his mower posed under a pecan tree that I love. One thing led to another and I bought a shirt for him in return for pecans that will be sent to Ohio in November/December. Seems like a fair trade to me!

How do I know this whole TNML has caught on around this country? Thursday I received a text from my old high school buddy who had received a message from a guy, Jason, who was a couple of grades below us at Brookville (OH) High School:

If you have Joe Kinsey’s number send him this 😂

Battled the elements today but wanted to get it in before the heavy rain. Your hometown got a fresh cut even Harley Gentis (ed. note: Harley was the barber in town who specialized in shaving heads) would be proud of! #TNML

Jason’s house was blown apart back in 2019 when a tornado went through town. My father’s house is off in the distance in the bottom left photo that Jason included, but it didn’t take any damage. I’m told Jason’s house IS BACK, and the yard is definitely hydrated. Holy crap. Guarantee my dad’s over there sniffing around the turf, looking into what Jason is up to.

F. Stephen H. in Overland Park, KS writes:

Hi, Joe. I’ve been a long-time Thursday night mower, but just learned of the League. I’ve been trying to find the original article in which you started the League so I can see the rules. I have a feeling I’ve been following them, but just want to check.

Also, what advice do you have for dealing with a neighbor who consistently fires up the lawnmower on Saturday night just as we’re sitting down on the patio for dinner, even on holidays? And you’d think he’d shut it down when he sees us, but no. He’ll even take pauses right on our lot boundary right by the patio. It’s really annoying. I’d buy him a TNML T-shirt like I just did for myself, but I don’t think he’d get it, it being the concept of TNML. Thanks.

Commissioner response: Wow, this is a very tough situation F. Stephen finds himself in. Many of us find ourselves at odds with neighbors over how they handle their outdoor business and I’m definitely not an expert on how to settle these problems, but it might be a case of saying, “(Dave), you’re killing me with that mower on Saturday nights while we’re trying to eat dinner on the patio.”

Now, Dave’s either going to get the idea or he’s just going to keep doing the same thing as before the chat. The ultimate move would be to invite (Dave) and his family over for the Saturday dinner and patio drinks. Show him a good time. Drop hints like, “What a relaxing Saturday night it is. Isn’t it great, Dave?”

And if none of that works, it might be best to flat out ask Dave why he’s always mowing while you’re trying to eat dinner. Put the pressure on Dave’s shoulders to answer for his mowing sins.

Austin G. writes:

Longtime reader and love your work. I wanted to mention a charity — Raising Men Lawn Care Service. I don’t have any affiliation but our group of friends are waiting for our boys to be old enough to participate. My son is only 4 but can’t wait till he turns 7 and can participate. 

They are doing great work and might be worth a mention in a column. Or even better yet an affiliation as I think the values line up perfectly. 

Commish response: 100% support what Rodney is doing with RMLCS. I mentioned last week how I first learned of his story approximately three years ago or so, but it appears things are really taking off for the children who have teamed up with Rodney to mow for the disadvantaged. I even noticed this week that Rodney featured one child who was mowing in West Alexandria, Ohio just down the road from where I grew up. That was nice to see.

I have also said it’s up to people like the TNML to help thy neighbors. My 70-something neighbor was struggling to cut limbs in the heat several weeks back, so I got the pruner out and hammered out those limbs for Larry so he could do more important things like grilling.

Plus, I’d be terrified to hear what my father would say to me if he knew I was letting Larry struggle with those limbs. Don’t forget to thank your fathers for knocking sense into you.

And with that, let’s put this week’s edition of TNML to rest. Congrats to those of you who laid down those stripes and got the yard right. Now go enjoy the fruits of your labor.

— Commish Kinsey

Paul B. in PA teamed up with his neighbor to get those TNML cuts just right. Nothing but respect to the neighbors who are working together out there:

An epic performance from two #TNML warriors in PA. Completed a panic cut before all hell broke loose with remnants from Elsa…monsoon broke out just as my neighbor and I were finishing.

On to the weekend!!

Beau in Toledo is one of the TNML legends. Now that my schedule has slowed down, I need to get out on the road with him to get the full Beau experience.  

Load 3 from my neighbor’s downed trees in the ’13 zip of Toledo, thanks to some strong straight-line winds yesterday shortly after 1900 hrs…

#TNML is cancelled here this week
No Biggie

I have #DaddyPops and more #FonBireFuel for The Pire Fit

Arthur L. is safe after Hurricane Elsa:

Checking in from Duval, FL. Post cut after Tropical Storm Elsa dumped 2-3 inches of rain and as well as hella humidity the next day. Glad I had Bud Lights in the fridge after mowing in this heat.

Kyle H. battled through Elsa’s elements:

Tropical Storm Elsa came through the day before and was barely able to get it in before more rain Thursday evening.

I really appreciated this message from Glenn. His wife is Team TNML.

Been following TNML since the first week.  Love it.  Between Central Texas weather and work, my Wife finally got a Thursday mow in. ( Mowing is Her thing) Love the TNML Keep up the fantastic work.

Dave in Rhode Island emails:

Hey Joe – great product you’re putting out, love your content!

For this week’s TNML entry I thought I’d give some props to Front Yard’s slightly uglier, slightly more neglected sibling – Back Yard.

Lack of a sprinkler system and the annual town watering ban are taking their toll, but Back Yard hasn’t given in just yet. Waiting on some much-needed H2O from Elsa tomorrow, possibly up to 3″…fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend!

My old buddy Mike in Eagle, Idaho with the famous Christmas Tree-burning fire pit checking in this week:

Mike from Eagle Idaho reporting! We are playing under a handicap here in Eagle! Over 100 degrees plus the last 10 days and the pump for the HOA irrigation water took a dive. Playing through with no complaints! Time for a delicious rum and Coke!

Eddie M. in Acworth, Georgia wants a piece of Mike’s fire pit fame:


Roger C. with what might be the first TNML grandchild since league inception. Read that final paragraph from Roger. It’s beautiful:

Mr. Commissioner Sir,

I must confess that during the All-Star break and the 1st week back to league mowing, I was unable to mow on Thursdays.  Due to the lack of rain and pending birth of my granddaughter, I had to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice so I had to mow when I could.  I hope this does not prevent me from contention for any post-season awards.
7/2 – we leave for Knoxville as my daughter was put in the hospital to induce birth.  I wore my new TNML shirt that I’d been saving for this occasion.  Wanted Parker to be an early OutKick internet sensation as her old G-daddy was holding her for the first time in my TNML shirt.  Due to the China virus rules, her grandmother and I were not allowed near the delivery area. 
7/3 – Parker is born at 1:17 AM.  We weren’t allowed in until later in the day.  I couldn’t risk going back in the hospital with the same shirt on again Saturday creating a stigma for my family members where people thought I didn’t put on clean clothes or shower.  
But rest assured when she’s at my house on Thursday’s she’ll see G-daddy mowing.  When she asks why, It will be a teachable moment that I’ll be glad to explain!   Maybe some day she’ll be in the league too………………
Do TNML shirts come in newborn sizes?

Tim G. in the 419 with one of the best flagstone paths I’ve seen from a TNML member emails:

A 4” cut on about 5 acres in Allen County Ohio. We need some rain. Yard starting to brown but still in decent shape for July.

Thanks again for creating the TNML. I got a t-shirt for Fathers Day and wear it with pride!

Colby B. checks in with his league member report:

I’m a huge fan of the screencaps- reading them has become a regular part of my morning routine.
I was previously an ardent Saturday morning mower. Thank you for opening my eyes and showing me the light. I no longer begin my Saturdays by being beaten down by a tough mow.
After a few Thursday night mows, and a TNML shirt Father’s Day gift from my wife, I’m proud to announce my TNML membership. I’ve since been spreading the word far and wide across north Texas.

By the way, it appears that my new pup, Moose, is open to TNML mascot opportunities.

Rob & Benjamin S. are building those father-son memories:

Joe…my son Benjamin is trying to earn his stripes (shirt) into the TNML. I told him up to the commish. Hot and humid in NC as always. Still laying down nasties daily. Glad you and yours had a great 4th. Rob and Benjamin, Salisbury NC…keep up the great work

Al W. in Lansing, Michigan enters the league and is drinking a beer imported across Lake Michigan:

Just finished my little patch of Michigan terra firma.  Showing off my 36 volt machine with my Grampa yard shoes and gloves.  Now I will down the Spotted Cow imported from Wisconsin under the threat of rain.

Speaking of Wisconsin, Luke O. is a huge TNML supporter. Looks like he could get 20 cornhole matches going in that yard. Luke sent an email just before 4th of July weekend explaining how his wife surprised him by mowing the yard one day, but he was actually looking forward to mowing it.

It’s time to have those talks with your wives, fellas.

Mike D. up in Massachusetts checks in for what I believe is the first time:

Love what you’re doing and look forward to Screencaps every day.  Keep up the good work!

Managed to get these TNML lines laid down up here in Peabody MA just before the remnants of Elsa could add another inch or so of growth.  Looks like it’ll be Yacht Rock indoors tonight!

Shout out to all other league players, some great work being done out there.  Hoping to finish the season strong!

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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