Thursday Night Mowing League: Drama Builds As Timmy2Cuts Starts His Own TNML Franchise & Ruffles Some Feathers

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League members creating franchises should be celebrated and I WILL NOT be dragged into the drama!

I’m not going to mention who said it Thursday, but there were definitely comments flying around over the big news that T.J. Bollmer in the 513 (Cincinnati) has founded — and branded — his own franchise that is now competing within the TNML.

You can scroll down to the reports section to see how TJ has created t-shirts and possibly hired a marketing agency to come up with his Timmy2Cuts brand that is clearly turning into a franchise.

Relax, this isn’t some sort of LIV vs. PGA situation.

This is just the evolution of America’s Largest and Most Powerful Mowing League. It was bound to happen.

Stop and think about the growth of the NFL. You had the Cowboys. You had the Colts. The Browns. The New York Giants.

You don’t have a league without legacy franchises and Timmy2Cuts can see the vision. We have the Texas contingent operated by Colt and Coach Holmgreen. You have the Nebraskans who have forged something of an alliance. Of course we have the NW Ohio franchise. Indianapolis pretty much has a franchise down there.

I am 100% SUPPORTIVE of TNML franchise expansion! There’s not a bigger supporter of franchise expansion than this commissioner. I want expansion around the world. If the Saudis want to field a TNML franchise in 2024, I would like to make the trip to the Middle East to talk biz. I would let China into the league in a heartbeat. Hey Switzerland, let’s talk.

Nobody associated with this league will silence franchise expansion. We’re a forward-looking league and by forward, I mean looking forward to YUGE EXPANSION & eyeballs. There’s no reason why this league shouldn’t be sold off to the Saudis in 4-5 years. Or the Chinese. Or John Deere.

I am willing to be paid off. That goes for any franchise owner. My integrity is to the turf and to fuel money.

So form your alliances. Build relationships. Buy and trade free agents. Declare yourself a free agent and see if franchises would like to do business.

Look forward, not backward.


I would

Week 16 National Mower of the Year Rankings

  1. Coach Dave (yes, he mowed on Wednesday because he had a football game last night, but he holds the top spot based solely on his full body of work)
  2. TJ Bollmer (started a franchise, moves up a spot)
  3. Coach Colt (stayed in rotation, but there is incredible pressure for that No. 2 spot)
  4. Fink (HE’S BACK…and it looks like he has new sponsors hooked to his shirt)
  5. Adam Wanberg (after weeks and weeks of rainouts, this TNML loyalist finally breaks into the top 5 via THREE reports on Thursday!)

Last week’s rankings:

  1. Coach Dave Holmgreen
  2. Coach Colt Bradford
  3. TJ Bollmer
  4. Justin Eppenbrock
  5. Fink


Thursday Night Mowing League Reports Across The United States

• Mike T. in Eagle, Idaho writes:

Greetings from beautiful and toasty Eagle, Idaho. Great to have league night back and rolling!

Weather has been outstanding in the high Mountain West, hot and toasty, just the way we love summer!

Grass is doing fantastic, and have really enjoyed the longer grass this year, never moved The Donald off its highest setting all year.

Time for fall fertilizer in the next couple weeks, fall comes on fast here in the high desert.

Best wishes for a strong close to the mowing team!

• Indy Daryl takes a raincheck:

It is really hard to believe just how much rain we have gotten over the last couple of weeks. It seems like a daily occurrence that we are getting significant downpours. The grass loves it! I am so glad that I spent so much effort in the spring to aerate and overseed the lawn this year. While I am still battling weeds galore, the turf is thick and in some spots one might even say luscious. I hope others had a great mow today, but it looks like I’ll be striping over the weekend


• Ken S. in North Augusta, SC writes:

Early report from far western South Carolina today, due to imminent travel plans: Finished the yard early, prior to a month-long hiatus. Weather has cooled off slightly here, got the quick mow in, using the old, still-dependable Troy-Bilt mower, and the aging Toro blower helped with clean-up. Merrell water shoes are the go-to footwear for me. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the local mowing guy keeps the yard in good shape until I return in mid-September.

My month-long absence is due to a long-awaited trip, (delayed by government overreaction to the Wuhan flu). Although it’s a vacation, it might actually qualify as “Doing a hard thing”. Mrs. S. and I are walking the Welsh/English border along “Offa’s Dyke”, approximately 180 miles, in 15 days. Wales has more castles per capita than anywhere else in the world, plenty of ancient forts, and lots of sheep. Scenery is supposedly marvelous. I’ve got high hopes there are plenty of pubs, also.

Cell phone coverage, and wi-fi are spotty along the trail, but I plan to keep up with the TNML as best I can. Looking forward to the reports from the other League members, and I’m excited to see how the Mower of The Year competition shakes out!


I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first time we’ve ever seen Ken’s back yard, but I’m 100% intrigued by what he has going on here. That pit looks like a fantastic spot and what exactly is going on with the top? Are we talking a gas fireplace cooktop?

Written by Joe Kinsey

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Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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