Thursday Night Mowing League: Coach Dave Celebrates Freedom, Mowing & Beer

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I’m starting to think I’d run through a brick wall for Coach Dave down in Texas

Scroll down for what I’m talking about. The guy literally mows in temps that reach like 130 degrees, then goes in the house, rips off his shirt like he’s Hogan in his prime, cracks open a cold one and lets America know what’s up from Texas.

He’s straight out of central casting if I were to create a TNML mower from Texas.

I love the vibe from the Texas contingent. I remember two years ago, we had a Texas league member who would send in photos of his back porch and there was lots of galvanized aluminum, cool shit hanging from posts, great lighting and it just looked like one of those places where a biker gang could ride up at any moment.

It was friggin’ cool.

Now that’s the way I picture all these houses down in Texas.

Anyway, I appreciate the vibe Coach Dave brings to the league. It’ll be interesting to see how much time he has for the stripe game when his Xs and Os season fires up in July.

Meanwhile, here in Ohio, the Canadian smoke has been a huge pain in the ass this week, but it didn’t stop me from getting a mow in last night. I didn’t have an anemometer handy, but I’d say we were clocking in with winds reaching between calm AF and 1 mph. It was crazy outside.

It was one of those nights where you know it’s bad for your lungs, but you also had to put a little bit of your life on the line because the last thing you want to do this weekend is mow and have a bunch of lawn bags laying around. No effin’ way, boys!

Now the yard is looking amazing. Mrs. Screencaps has brand new daylilies she’s been crossbreeding for the last four years poppin’ for the first time (seriously, these things have been cared for like fine crystal the last four years) and I’m contemplating how many beers I shall purchase to suck down on the patio while celebrating freedom this weekend.

League observations:

  1. Anyone else noticing a shortage of Kobalt weed eater string replacement cartridges at Lowe’s? I got the last one last night heading into the most critical weekend of the year.
  2. Last week I asked for TNML sticker requests and in 45 minutes I was overwhelmed. Pretty sure I need to go to the self-addressed stamped envelope P.O. Box method as someone suggested. This league is starting to get out of hand.
  3. I was at a party last week with some old friends I don’t see very often and was surprised at how much they’re keeping an eye on the league. I didn’t bring up the topic of the league. They did. The growth is off the charts.
  4. Yes, I hand-write all the envelopes. I estimate somewhere around 1500 have gone out.
  5. Yes, I’ve noticed other media outlets sniffing around the mowing industry as a content series. We’ll always be the first.
  6. Got my first water bill of the summer. It was up about $50-$60 over a normal bill. I might start watering the whole property based on what it cost me to keep 80 garden beds wet during the May-June drought.
  7. I’m proud of this one.

Now, let’s get down to business. The national mower of the year rankings heading into July!

Week 10 National Mower of the Year Rankings

  1. TJ Bollmer in the 513
  2. Jimmy Dobbins
  3. Coach Dave Holmgreen
  4. Fink in Illinois
  5. Mike Freshwater in the 937

(Also receiving votes: kavankv290, Geoff’s stream, Adam Dolezal, Tim Channing.)

Last week’s rankings:

  1. TJ Bollmer in the 513
  2. Fink in Illinois
  3. Mike Freshwater in the 937
  4. Jimmy Dobbins
  5. Coach Dave Holmgreen

Also receiving votes last week: (T.S. Covey, It’s Brian, Colt Bradford, Steve Day’s wife, Sean C. in Granger, IN, Candler in Duluth, GA)

Some people are saying Antonio Brown has joined the league

I need to look up his address to send him some stickers. What are the chances he’ll remember mowing a week from now when the stickers arrive?

Outdoor showers

It’s not mowing, but I have to show you guys what Pete in Colorado has going on because I think this is just the crew that will respect this hustle. I’ll let Pete explain.

• Pete writes:

I am enjoying “Patio Life” on ScreenCaps but I think I have them all beat. Below are photos of my patio and yes, that is an outdoor shower off my back patio. I am truly living the high life while sitting in the cool shade on a sunny Colorado afternoon while grilling steaks on the Big Green Egg, drinking frosty Coors Light, and watching my wife shower.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Mowing reports from around the United States:

• Sean C. in Granger, IN writes:

I think I mentioned this going into Memorial Day Weekend, but it’s these long weekends where the TNML really shows its value. Me extending this into a 4-plus day weekend puts that idea on steroids. However, having mowed on Thursday, with the rain we may get, things could be looking hairy by Tuesday night. But, we’ll see how it goes.

How about the air quality notifications on your phone? I don’t remember signing up for that, but with the Canadian Wildfires invading the Upper Midwest, people are cautious to go outside. I mowed in Air Quality Index of 187! Is that good? Lol. Anyway, society is just trying to find another reason to keep us from doing manual labor. I’m glad to know that I had enough of my life happen pre-smart phone, pre-AI, and pre-Robo Mower. And, I’ll be damned if I have a service pick up my dog poop. It’s character building to pick up your dog’s crap.

This will be my seat at the end of the next 4-5 nights. Likely with a bourbon in hand.

All my best to the TNML community on this 4th of July. It’s a great time to remember how great our country is, despite what Lib Libs want to tell us.

• Tim G. in the 419 writes:

Had another 4.5” mow – grass is hanging in there, but the buckthorn is thriving. Haven’t had enough rain, but nit nearly as bad as my folks in southern Michigan that have a fully brown yard already! Very smoky for the pst three days until the wind picked up at about 7 and blew it back north. Very normal skies tonight in Allen County, Ohio.

• Mike T. in Idaho writes from the T-stead:

Greetings from beautiful Eagle Idaho!

Perfect lawn-growing weather here in the Mountain West! Clear sky’s and mid 80s!

We use irrigation water here as the Treasure Valley is as once all farmland, now it’s all housing developments.

Hotter weather predicted for next week, with the highs reaching 100*, happy 4th of July to the team.

• Brian in Madison, CT writes:

Mowed again after the DNM last week.  A couple days of rain has helped but still needs more, not ready to break out the sprinkler yet.  Only did one cut so I could cut the basil and make pesto.

Weather:  Sundown, 76 degrees, and dry lawn.

Pattern:  half of A with a slight arch

Mowing sponsors:  @HusqvarnaUSA and @newbalance.

Post-mowing sponsors:  @titosvodka

• Jason adds:

First or second league night in the hundos. Fairly thankful for that. Sometimes triple digits start in May. 102 @ 7:30. Back yard is shot. Working my best to keep the front “curb friendly.” I couldn’t have done it tonight without my main sponsor #ergodyneworkgear cooling towels. Awesome product. We mow on Thursdays!

• Matt in Nashville writes:

Well, we’re dealing with some brutal heat here in central Tennessee, as I’m sure many League members are, but today we had the fortune of a lovely thunderstorm roll through offering some moisture and some lower temps to boot. I thought it might interfere with League Night, but it got in and out by about 2:30 and the ground needed the H2O so much that it was pretty dry after and I was able to get the mow in on schedule. 

Sometimes I think the grass comes back looking extra green after a bit of rain and just wants to show off – mine certainly looks good at the moment at least. 

Two items of note tonight: first, the three-year-old planted some seeds a month or so ago and they are coming in very nicely (probably about time to move them from pots to God’s green Earth). Second, the Father’s Day fairy came and brought me an awesome new backpack blower! The old house had no need for one due to lack of trees, but this bad boy is going to have it’s work cut out at the new property. It certainly makes short work of grass clippings. 

Hope you and the house ball team are doing well. Looking forward to seeing all the reports tomorrow.

• Ken S. in North Augusta, South Carolina writes:

Reporting in from the western edge of South Carolina tonight. Had cool weather and a lot of rain most of the spring. Heat has finally set in, and zoysia is responding nicely.

High today of 97, but powered through with the Troy-Bilt mower, hydration and recovery fluids provided by Yuengling Golden Pilsner.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.

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