Thousands Of Christian Protestors Gather Outside Dodger Stadium To Pray Ahead Of Controversial Pride Game

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Thousands of Christians have gathered outside of Dodger Stadium to pray ahead of the team’s Pride Night celebration.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been the subject of controversy over the past few weeks after inviting an anti-Catholic drag group to receive an award before Friday’s game against the San Francisco Giants.

After initially deciding to withdraw the award, the team immediately caved to pressure from far left sportswriters and activists.

So the Dodgers will, in fact, honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — a group of drag queen nuns who mock Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence use “go and sin some more” as their motto, and they frequently dress as Jesus, Mary and other religious figures. Members also hold pub crawls that mock the Stations of the Cross and even the Eucharist.

Just a few months ago, the Sisters hosted a “Peep Show” themed Easter party, featuring a Hunky Jesus contest.

And it’s not just Catholics and Christians who are speaking out against the mockery.

A Jewish rabbi joined protestors outside the stadium.

“If you are anti-Catholic, you’re anti-religion, you’re anti-God. I got a problem with that,” the rabbi said.

The team will honor the Sisters on the field during the pre-game celebration.

OutKick’s Ian Miller will be on site to report the events as they unfold.

(Credit: Ian Miller)

Written by Amber Harding

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  1. So just to be clear, what exactly are the Dodgers ‘honoring’ them for? Is it the charitable work they confine to the gay community and have done since Aids in the ’80’s? Or for perpetually promoting hate and taunting others beliefs?
    Either way it’s a strange move considering the massive Latino Catholic following the Dodgers rely on for membership!
    The tolerance movement, eh? Which is what was happening by the way, until the extreme activists weren’t getting what they wanted!
    Looking forward to next year when the Dodgers, having made a rod for their own backs, present a Literary award to Drag Queens!

  2. Good report. I have zero respect for the Dodgers anymore – Tommy Lasorda is turning over in his grave.

    But is it too hard to headline “Catholic” protesters? It’s bad enough that society assumes making fun of Catholics is ok … but it would be nice to get positive pub when it’s due.

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