‘This Is Unbelievable Propaganda From The Washington Commanders’: Clay Travis

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Clay Travis reacted to Jack Del Rio getting fined $100,000 for his comments on the January 6th riots and why it’s being treated differently than the BLM riots that went on for months in the summer of 2020.

The OutKick founder analyzed the Washington Commanders’ statement regarding Del Rio’s comments, saying, “this is unbelievable propaganda.”


Clay also noted that “these were not mostly peaceful protests, these were largely violent protests, and no one has conducted any kind of investigation to determine how did all of these riots happen in the summer of 2020 and who was behind instigating them?”

Clay continued by highlighting that if athletes can share political opinions in uniform and at work, then why can’t Jack Del Rio without facing any consequences?

The OutKick founder noted that if Del Rio were to fight this fine, he would have a lot more respect for him, especially because he even apologized for his comments, even though Clay thinks he shouldn’t have done that because his comments were valid.

“It’s hard to argue that this is anything other than content-based discrimination on behalf of an NFL franchise.”

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

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  1. Did y’all see Ron Riveras statement??? WHAT. THE. FUCK??? Your coordinator can’t compare a nationwide year of revolution and mob rule to a one day protest in DC? That obvious comparison is forbidden a year plus later? Why, Ron?? Honestly your position is not even worth trying to justify.

    JDR’s comparison isn’t just reasonably appropriate – target in fact the tolerance of one set of riots so clearly precipitated the other – Ron, you fucking hateful partisan dogmatist. I guess the NFL is another arm of the DNC? Time to boycott!!! Let’s walk. Now.

    I haven’t watched the NBA since every game became a DNC rally two years ago. Now I am done with the NFL. I’m sorry Clay. Without the NFL, MLB and NBA, the scope of Outkick is dramatically reduced. But it’s too much. Fuck Goodell

    • Where is the like button? Great comment. NBA quality has sucked for years but the political posturing is nauseating. Same with the NFL. I always knew this day would come. Football is harder to kick than basketball.

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