Things I didn’t hear during the SEC championship

When you live in Vegas, getting to SEC country for all the big games isn’t feasible. This past Saturday I opted for the second best place to watch games when you can’t make it to the stadium; the sportsbook. Books all over town were packed to the rafters awash in crimson, red, and black. Everyone was glued to the TV with a vested financial or emotional interest in the game. Rather than recount the kind of dialogue I engaged in with fans (both educated and less than literate) making game day conversations predictable, here are a few things I didn’t hear during the SEC Championship.

Do you guys have any martini specials? Instead of beer I’d prefer a cosmopolitan and my buddy over there in the Alabama jersey will have an appletini…but hold the cherry.

Excuse me sir, is there any chance we can get the MLS CUP on the main screen with sound?

There’s absolutely no reason to have a college football playoff.  These kids are in school for one thing and it’s to get an education so games shouldn’t interfere with the exam period during December.

Pretty surprising that Gene Chizik and Derek Dooley didn’t get votes for SEC coach of the year. I think they both did a great job with their respective talent and should be in the thick of the conference race next season.  Oh, and John L Smith could have managed the clock better in this game than both Richt and Saban

Coach Stoops made a great choice taking over at UK. They’re the sleeping giant within the SEC and one of the best jobs in all of college football.

I’m so glad college football season is almost over, everyone knows the SEC cares more about hoops than football.

UGA has a truly elite run defense, I’m surprised Alabama stayed so committed to pounding the football.

Mark Richt and Aaron Murray are the most dynamic coach / QB duo in the country when it comes to pulling off major upsets.

I’ve always thought the MAC champ deserved a shot in the BCS so I’m happy to see NIU get a chance. There are a lot of teams in power conferences that would have lost to Iowa early in the year.

Notre Dame will be a difficult match-up for whoever wins this game. I really think they’re just as deep and physical as the elite teams in the SEC at all the key positions.

It’s so hard to watch the SEC title game when you’ve grown accustomed to bigger, faster, and stronger athletes in the Big Ten.

BCS Opening Line Report

Stanford (-6.5) vs Wisconsin

Florida St (-13.5) vs Northern Illinois

Florida (-14.5) vs Louisville

Oregon (-8) vs Kansas St

Alabama (-9) vs Notre Dame

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.