The World Series Of Poker Used COVID To Scam Upeshka De Silva Out Of Shot At $1.5 Million Prize

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Poker star Upeshka De Silva was on his way to the final table at The World Series of Poker for a $1.5 million prize, but then he tested positive for COVID-19. He’s young, so he had the typical 99% chance of survival, but that wasn’t the problem.

The World Series of poker wouldn’t let him participate Monday and forfeited his chance to bring home the cash. What a joke.

De Silva tweeted out an update:

“I tested negative on a nasal swab pcr test saturday the 26th, but positive on the official mouth swab pcr test at the rio on the 27th,” De Silva said.

He was in eighth place as the tournament was set to resume in person at Rio Casino in Las Vegas.

You know what makes more sense? To delay the tournament and give the man his fair shot at his money. De Silva likely feels like most Americans, when they feel healthy enough to run a business, but their leadership disqualifies that right.

The tournament went on

As the World Series of Poker stated, they went on without him Monday and Joseph Hebert went on to take home the $1,553,256 first place prize. De Silva was locked in at ninth place, so he settled for $98,813.


“This whole experience has been an absolute s*** show,” De Silva wrote. “I know I’m drawing slim for options but I want to get the story out at the least about how this was handled and the protocols that were put in place. I have insight on how both wet (World Poker Tour) and wsop (World Series of Poker) have handled covid.”

Once again, he hits the nail on the head.

The World Series of Poker should have gotten creative and found a way for De Silva to participate. Like our government, they made a decision that affected only him. Hopefully there’s a lawsuit to be had because this one just doesn’t sit right.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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