The World Cup Is Over With Wild Celebrations, Riots In France, And Ivana Knoll

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Argentina winning the World Cup in spectacular fashion should have been enough. Messi gets his coveted championship and the world was treated to an amazing game.

How did the world react to the last we’ll see of the World Cup for 4 years?

The scenes from Buenos Aries, Argentina are amazing. With crowds this size, you would expect reports of issues. But to the point of this being published, no arrests, injuries or any issues other than widespread euphoria. There may have been a few drunk people too.

RBUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – DECEMBER 18: Argentines celebrate the world championship in Qatar 2022 after defeating France 4-2 in the final on penalties after drawing 3-3, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 18, 2022. (Photo by Martin Cossarini/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Rioting in France was widespread across the country as the French fell.

This is the second night of rioting in France. The first followed France beating Morrocco on Dec. 14th. That night, a 14-year-old boy died in the rioting.

While France struggled, the rest of the world is replaying memories of the Messi/ Mbappe matchup.

The two teammates from Paris St. Germain in France’s Ligue 1 shared this moment after the epic end of the match.

The reaction around the world to Messi finally winning a World Cup was almost universally applauded.

Perhaps, not as much in Portugal.

Oh Cristiano, playing in Saudi Arabia for absurd money is how you should leave the futbol stage.

Argentina Fans Topless Celebration At World Cup

Clearly, the breakout star of the World Cup made her final appearance.

Ivan Knoll has brought us all joy throughout the tourney. Even promising us this at the World Cup Final.

Well, Ivana made it to the Final. No signs at this point that she found the right time, though.

Thanks for the great ride, see you again in 4 years.

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