HBO Drops Intriguing Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘The White Lotus’

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“The White Lotus” is returning to HBO at the end of October, and season two looks like it’s going to be awesome.

The first season of the hit show took the entertainment world by storm. It seemingly dropped out of nowhere, and by the time the series with Steve Zahn, Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton and Sydney Sweeney was over, it dominated the awards scene and was a hit with viewers.

People loved season one of “The White Lotus” on HBO. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images,)

Now, HBO is going back to the well for a second season about chaos and trouble on vacation, and this time, viewers will be taken to Italy.

Dive right back into the carnage and awkwardness that makes the show great in the trailer below.

“The White Lotus” is an awesome show, but can season two keep the momentum high?

While the cast for season two doesn’t have the same power and name recognition as season one, it’s definitely still a talented group.

Jennifer Coolidge is returning and she’s joined by Audrey Plaza from “Parks and Rec” and former “Sopranos” star Michael Imperioli.

It’s not the same as Daddario and Sydney Sweeney, but there’s little doubt HBO will manage to make it insanely entertaining.

“The White Lotus” returns October 30 for season two. (Credit: HBO)

The first season was like watching a car crash that you wanted to look away from, but just couldn’t. It was so painfully awkward that it made me physically cringe at times at how awful some of the characters were. Yet, it was also addicting. The highest of highs, the lowest of lows and awkwardness that might make you physically ill.

That’s more or less the best way to sum up “The White Lotus.” Judging from the trailer for season two, the series will keep that same energy.

“The White Lotus” season two starts October 30. (Credit: HBO)

You can check it out starting October 30 on HBO Max. It should be a hell of a fun time to go back to watching people being absolutely miserable and awful.

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