‘The View’ Talks About the Art of Sending Nudes, Warn of Unwanted Nudes on the Subway

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​​The angry ladies on “The View” spent a segment Friday on the topic of nudes, both unsolicited and wanted.

The topic of sexting came up during the segment Hot Topics. New “conservative” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who’s a commentator at CNN, enlightened the gang that there’s nothing wrong with a risqué text under the right circumstances.

“My husband and I did long-distance, so I’ve sent a naughty text or two. You’ve gotta keep the steam going,” Griffin explained via a New York Post transcription of the segment.

While it’s unclear if Griffin’s husband asked for the text, she made clear he did not mind. So, chalk that up as sexting responsibly.

But Griffin’s experience with nudes has not always been that smooth, thanks to the American subway system.

“I’ve had this happen multiple times when I’m on the subway, and if you have AirDrop on, people will just drop you wiener pics,” Griffin adds. “It’s horrifying!”

Alyssa Farah Griffin on the set of The View.

Apparently unwanted nudes on the subway are a fear among the show’s cast. Sara Haines responded that the possibility of an AirDrop nude keeps her off the subway entirely. She’d rather walk across the city.

“That is why I won’t ride the subway,” Haines interrupted.

After a short moment of silence, Griffin continued to inform the ladies about Nudes 101:

“I hate to say this, because you’re all beautiful, public figures. I guarantee if you look at your Instagram accounts, you have hidden messages of men sending you pictures. I guarantee it.”

As they say, “beautiful” is subjective.

Sunny Hostin agreed, adding “I did receive a weenie pic on WhatsApp.”

While sitting on the sidelines for most of the nude talk, Hostin’s story sparked the interest of Joy Behar, the cringiest cast member on the show.

“Really? Anybody we know?” Behar asked. Behar had more questions than that, next asking, “Was it a distorted wiener? What was wrong with it?”

To be fair, Behar is just trying to stay informed on the art of sexting. So, Hostin gave her an honest answer: “It was big. I thought I was gonna die.”

How’s that for an ABC “News” segment?

One would argue it’s quite the upgrade over demanding Tucker Carlson’s arrest, calling for widespread sex protests, giving uninformed legal advice, and erroneously reporting facts about the constitution.

At least Alyssa Farah Griffin has brought some knowledge to the show. Her words, not ours.

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