‘The View’ Now Using Coasters After Fart Noise Controversy

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The gasbags on ‘The View’ are officially fighting back over Fart-gate.

After multiple sonic boom incidents on the daily talk show, producers have added coasters under coffee cups that are being blamed for the farts. Fart-gate is to the point where anonymous sources have told Entertainment Weekly that the white coasters have been deployed to put a stop to the hysteria that breaks loose when one of the ladies lets one rip.

The farting noises reached a creshendo on March 21 when co-host Sara Haines moved her coffee mug and it caused a sound.

‘The View’ is using coasters under coffee cups to cut down on farting from cohosts, according to an Entertainment Weekly source. / The View / Twitter

“It’s my glass, every time I turn it,” Haines told her fellow gasbags. “Let’s put that rumor to rest, that sound that you hear, that’s a cup, okay?” Joy Behar fired back.

Oh, OK.

So what was that sound two months ago when Sara Haines and Whoopi had a water spill?

Let’s go to the footage:

A coffee cup caused that sound? I personally can’t see a coffee cup moving, but, yeah, let’s blame it on a cup that none of the hot-winded blowhards are touching.

Whoopi, who’s been known to rip man-farts on-set from time to time, got all bent out of shape over social media blaming the ladies for ripping ass.

“Yes, because, we get blamed for dropping gas, when in fact it’s a cup,” Goldberg popped off on March 21.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines pre-coasters to prevent farting noises. / The View / Twitter

Now they’re using coasters. That’ll stop the bombs from being dropped.

Back in the old days, Whoopi didn’t have a problem owning up to the fact that she can fart like a longshoreman after going on a draft beer and Mexican food bender. Now all of a sudden she’s acting like there’s no way her or Sara Haines would ever let one loose during live TV.

Oh please, this broad has been blasting viewers for years. Farts are on Whoopi’s mind so much that in 2021 she advised people they should be farting out loud.

And now we’re to believe those are coffee mugs making fart noises.

Start taking credit for those bombs, you fraud.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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