The U.S.’s First Strip Club Sportsbook Is Coming To Washington, D.C.

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If you’re sick of having to make two stops when wanting to place a bet and hit up a strip club, you’re in luck. Your life is about to become easier than its ever been before.

While you might think Las Vegas — Sin City itself — would be the town whose chamber of commerce would be the lucky one to handle the ribbon cutting on this entertainment hub, you’d be wrong.

It’s coming to — of all places — our nation’s capital.

…That’s Washington, D.C. if you’re not big on civics and/or geography.

Cloakroom Gentlemen’s Club will launch its retail sportsbook this week. It’s touting itself as the first-of-its-kind combination of a sportsbook and a strip club. A veritable peanut butter-chocolate combo of vices.

That’s right. Surely, this is exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drew up plans for D.C.

That horndog Thomas Jefferson probably did at least.

It appears that we’re approaching a time when bets can be placed in all kinds of places, not just at casinos or on our phones. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Could More Retail Betting Locations Be On The Way?

Elys Game Technology is behind putting the retail sportsbook at Cloakroom. It’s part of a larger vision of making it easier for wagers to be placed at retail locations.

“Elys firmly believes that this segment of retail sports betting within neighborhood establishments could become a key driver for local employment and economic recovery at the community level throughout the United States and Canada,” Michele Ciavarella, the executive chairman of Elys Game Technology said in a news release.

Some think Ohio could play a big role in growing this sector of the sports betting industry. Retail betting kiosks are expected to pop up across the state in places like grocery stores, bowling alleys and restaurants.

If this trend continues, perhaps Ohioans will be able to place bets at strip clubs soon too.

If you’d fancy taking a look at what the Cloakroom has to offer, it sounds like the place to make bets is on the roof.

The club’s rooftop bar Over Under Sportsbook Rooftop Lounge has wall-to-wall TV, an LED-lightning system, a retractable roof and a seasonal cocktail menu.

If none of that appeals to you, word on the street is that Cloakroom has other forms of entertainment downstairs.

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