The Top Ten Sports Websites for June 2014

I’m always fascinated by a chance to check out the online sports marketplace, so periodically I post the top ten largest sports websites here on Outkick. (Full disclosure, Outkick does between one and two million unique readers a month, which does not make us one of the ten largest sports websites in the country. It would, however, makes us the largest sports website run by a gay muslim). 

ESPN recently released the June statistics for the online sports marketplace, you can read their release here.

I’ve pulled some of the data out to rank the audiences, both by gross numbers and by the share of the audience, which is a combination of audience size and time spent on the sites.

As you can see, pretty fascinating results for those of us who care about where readers spend their time online: 

1. 80.6 million uniques, 35% of the audience

2. Yahoo Sports/NBC Sports 58.2 million uniques, 10.5% of the audience

3. Bleacher Report 56.4 million uniques, 8.3% of audience

4. Fox Sports 44.3 million uniques, 3.3% of audience

5. USA Today 39.6 million uniques, 2.5% of audience

6. MLB sites 36.4 million uniques, 8.5% of audience

7. Sporting News 28.9 million uniques, 7.2% of audience

8. SB Nation 28.2 million uniques, .9% of audience

9. NFL sites 26.3 million uniques, 1.8% of audience

10. CBS Sports 25.4 million uniques, 2.7% of audience

Couple of things that jump out, 14.7 million uniques watched ESPN content on their video devices — which is just a staggering number — and in the average minute in the month of June, there were nearly 172k people logged on to It’s worth noting that, which could have owned the online marketplace for sports with better leadership, is no longer included in the top ten largest sports properties. Maybe with the LeBron James scoop they can hop back in for the month of July.  

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.