The TikTok Vodka Brita Filter Hack Is About To Be All The Rage At Surburban House Parties

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From the same country that put a man on the moon comes this TikTok vodka hack that will be all the rage at suburban house parties.

Introducing Brita water filter filtered vodka. Yes, that’s a mouthful and you’re about to get a mouthful of clean AF vodka after you take the TikTok Vodka Challenge that will soon create ‘DANGER’ headlines on your local news.

TikTok influencers have been busy over the last month racking up video views after discovering that vodka poured through a water purifier will change the taste and effect of your typical store-bought vodkas.

TikTok Vodka Brita Filter hack
TikTok vodka influencers claim pouring the alcohol through a Brita water filter will change the taste and effect. / TikTok

In September, TikTok influencer bro Elliott Norris posted a taste-test video of vodka before and after the Brita filtration system and the results have gone viral and created a viral trend.

Elliott’s fellow bro, Louis Levanti, took a drink of the filtered vodka and couldn’t believe his taste buds. “It tastes like nothing,” Norris says while Levanti utters words that will turn into local news headlines, “Oh wow. It tasted like water.”

That Brita vodka video went nuts and resulted in the TikTok influencer adding a video where he addressed getting loaded off the filtered vodka.

Ohio TikTok influencer @han.walls made a batch of Brita vodka and turned that video into 10 million views. “Shut the…,” the influencer says all shocked upon first smell of the filtered Tito’s vodka. “Hold on,” she adds while going back to get a whiff of the shelf Tito’s before going back to smell her filtered vodka.

Then the taste test.

Han.walls is left speechless until the very end of the video where she notes, “I’m screwed.”

In a follow-up video, she pulls her Brita jug of vodka out of the fridge and notices a rank smell. The taste test confirms the vodka that sat in the Brita wasn’t good.

TikTok users were quick to let @han.walls know she made a big mistake. “Britas use a charcoal filter, the alcohol essentially makes the filter stop working. Also, if it sits, it gets strong again 😅 that’s how vodkas made,” Dana J., who seems to be a vodka expert, wrote back.


trying vodka from a brita… 10/10 recommend (i am 22)

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The idea of filtering vodka through a Brita isn’t new

In 2011, researchers at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times ran a Brita experiment on the worst vodkas from Publix and determined “if you factor in the cost of the filter and the number of rounds required to actually make the vodka taste better, just buy the expensive stuff. Or whiskey. Whiskey is good.”

But let’s face it, TikTok wasn’t around in 2011 and now all it takes are a few influencers acting like they’ve discovered a miracle cure for bad vodka for others to want to do their own Brita filtering.

OutKick’s David Hookstead says he knows someone who buys “SUPER cheap vodka” and filter it “to save money,” but he adds that word on the street is that those Brita filters will be ruined in the process.

Is this one huge big brain advertising ploy by Brita? Could be. It wouldn’t be shocking.

Just go with it. The trend will be over by Christmas. Enjoy those suburban Halloween parties and Brita vodka shots.


K wait i didnt think this would actually work 🤯🤯 IB: @oliversimsiv #tastetest #trythis #couple #reaction #factorcap #britafilter

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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