The Rock Announces When the XFL Will Return

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The Rock announced this morning that the XFL will return in the Spring of 2022:

The XFL somewhere between possibly and probably would have soldiered into a second season of its relaunch if the pandemic had not happened. After a robust first week of ratings, they trended downward in the next two weeks. The third week of games averaged 1.61 million viewers, which is still a viable TV property — this is better viewership than a lot of NBA and MLB regular season games that air nationally, and nearly every college hoops game before March — but we never got to see what the bottom was.

In the gap year for the XFL, The Rock and his team need to really figure out how to make the football more aesthetically pleasing. The key is quarterback play. While the NFL has unprecedented depth at the position right now, there are still only about 25-30 QBs on the planet who make for good TV. The XFL needs coaches who will not rely on pocket passers for their offensive strategy, as the talent they had could not execute that style in a manner that is entertaining to watch.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Might have been a wise decision for him to avoid politics as the owner of a temporarily defunct league. Just sayin, it’s a 50/50 country and an “up hill battle” with 50% pushing you back down the hill might not be so smart.

    But what do I know……

  2. So, in other words, China bought the XFL and they have to figure out how to get Americans to watch so that they can have more kneeling and more divisive messages on helmets and on the field.
    No thanks.

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