The Reasons People Have For Canceling Cancel College Football Are Idiotic

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The most common reason that people say college football players can’t come back is because they say it’s not safe. 

Not safe for the players and it isn’t safe to play football.

But aren’t players safer on campus than they would be off-campus?

Why would players be more likely to die on campus where they are tested weekly and they are surrounded by medical professionals than they are off campus in home, or a condo, or an apartment, or at home with their parents?

There is no argument I can see that the danger is greater for college athletes on campus.

But that is the number one argument:  It’s not safe.

Cornell did an interesting study. If college students are forced to learn remotely, they are going to show up in the college town anyway because they don’t want to be stuck at home with Mom and Dad.

So many of these college towns are going to end up with a lot of college kids anyway.

If I was a college kid, the last thing I would want to do for an entire year is sit in my parent’s house and watch school on the computer without my friends.

I went to school in Washington, DC and I lived off campus.  I would rather go back out to Washington, DC and live in my off-campus apartment and be close to friends in college rather than staying back home by myself.

Another argument is that older people aren’t safe around younger people.  Well, if you are an older person with a significant health risk, you shouldn’t be on a college campus this year.

If you are over the age of 65 and not healthy you shouldn’t be on campus. Health matters a great deal because Nick Saban is 68 but Nick Saban is in great shape.

He’s working 80 hours a week and I’m sure he is likely to be much healthier than your average 50 year old even though he’s almost 20 years older.

I don’t understand the argument that you can allow younger people with no risk to be on campus but you can’t tell the older people to quarantine.

To me, the best way to get over the coronavirus is not to wait for a vaccine which may or may not work anyway, it’s to get the young people infected with the virus while the older people stay away and quarantine themselves.

That’s what should be happening on a college campus.  It is going to spread widely when these kids get there.

I don’t know any other argument. I want a legitimate argument for why college football should happen based on college campuses being more dangerous.

How about professionals versus amateurs?  This doesn’t make sense either.

Professionals are getting paid, yes. But the amateurs — many of them — are hoping that one day they will get paid. 

And we aren’t insisting that players have to play. If you believe that you are under risk and don’t want to do it, it’s already been announced that you can keep your scholarship and not have to play the sport.

There have been 150 kids under the age of 24 who have died with the coronavirus.  30 under the age of 15 in the entire country have died with the coronavirus.

You are far more likely on a college campus to die from alcohol poisoning.  I believe there are 1,845 alcohol-related deaths per year on a college campus.

You are nearly 10 times as likely to die from alcohol poisoning than you are to die from the coronavirus.

People keep saying “if” a death happened.  Deaths could happen if kids aren’t on campus.  I can spin that and argue that a death is more likely to happen for a college kid off campus where they don’t have health care or testing than it is to happen on a campus.

When you argue that someone might die.  Someone might die off campus and the odds off campus are more substantial because most of us don’t get tested weekly and most of us don’t have access to medical professionals every day and most of us don’t get our temperature taken every day.

If you look at all the facts, the safest thing is for college football players and college athletes in general on campus in protocols getting tested on a regular basis.

This doesn’t make any sense.  I don’t buy into these arguments at all.

I haven’t seen any other arguments. And all of those arguments lack substance, legitimacy, and factual basis and they don’t withstand any kind of rigorous examination.

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