The Reason Behind Ben Jones Walking Barefoot On Lambeau Field In The Snow

Tennessee Titans center Ben Jones made social media headlines Sunday night before the Titans game in Green Bay for walking barefoot around Lambeau Field in the snow. It wasn’t some sort of tough guy, “look at me” moment for Jones. There was meaning behind the stroll while snow poured down on him.

“I walk around the field barefoot and listen to gospel music,” Jones said back in October of his pregame ritual. According to, Jones’ barefoot walks are also a way to honor his brother. Jones started the ritual back in high school and his brother went on to have a great game and their team won. The nine-year vet has logged 121 career NFL starts and the barefoot thing never stopped.

Now it’s a way to honor his late brother and get his mind right for that day’s game. Sunday night, Jones trotted out in the snow, said a prayer to his brother and then went back into the locker room to get ready to play.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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