The Nolan Twins Stop By, Loyola’s Cameron Krutwig Is A Breakout Star & Golf Ball Ends Up In A Tight Lie

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Dare I say the golf course was too dry on Sunday?

In all my years of playing bad golf, I don’t ever remember playing golf on March 21 and saying out loud that the course could use some rain. When I say it could use some rain, I’m talking multiple days of downpours. Hitting out of the fairway was like hitting off concrete. IN MARCH! That said, it was a glorious day on the course with not a single cloud in the sky and temps hovering around 65-67.

As for my game, the greens were a little bumpy — as is typical for northern Ohio in March — and definitely turned a few bogie putts into doubles. My plan going into this year is to play much more under control than in the past. Keep the ball straight, run it onto greens, stay out of the trees and don’t have meltdowns with the short game. In other words, I’ve converted my golf game into grandpa mode. I know it’s sexy for the social media heroes to scream NO LAYING UP, but these are the same cheaters who don’t count all of their shots and suddenly shoot 79-80 every time out.

Around here, we count everything. No breakfast balls. No someone three holes over was talking. Putt everything unless you’re holding up another group. This is why my mindset has changed with golf. I now see why grandpas pop one 200 yards off the tee — with the roll — then pop a utility onto the green and two-putt.

• It turns out Pat Forde wasn’t the only journalist melting down Sunday. Retired Cleveland Plain Dealer sports legend Bill Livingston isn’t handling Oral Roberts to the Sweet 16 very well. Pat couldn’t wait to tweet about coaches who weren’t big fans of masks going home from the Tournament while Bill finds it hard to root for Oral Roberts because “phony Christians'” embraced Trump. Bill and Pat could use a nice, relaxing day on the golf course. Get some Vitamin D, fellas.

• Are you ready for Round of 32 games on a Monday? The first tip is at 12:10 ET. This is new territory for the white hairs who won’t be expecting their soaps to be scrapped on a Monday afternoon. Good luck to all the operators at CBS affiliates across the country. Your phones are about to be lit.

Jeep is out with a concept electric version of the Wrangler in 2021 to see what consumers think of such an idea. It’ll be interesting to see whether Jeep comes up with some sort of space on the back of the Wrangler where Chad in suburban Columbus can carry extra batteries like guys used to carry extra cans of fuel for their big adventures. Back in the day, nothing said I’m about to go tear up the backcountry like a guy driving around town with extra cans of fuel.

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  1. Joe- read “Every Shot Counts” by Mark Broadie, it will help you to decide if you want to embrace full grandpa mode for golf or what added distance means in actual golf scoring! Play well!

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