The New York Jets Should Be Applauded For Donating $1 Million To Social Justice Organizations

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The New York Jets released a statement this afternoon, announcing that they have donated approximately $1 million to various social justice organizations. Most NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA teams have committed to gestures and hashtags but have taken no action to further these causes. The Jets are different. If sports franchises or celebrities want to prove they care about our underserved communities, then they need to do what the Jets are doing here.

Put your money where your mouth is

Arguments can be made that there are better ways to improve life for minorities in this country. Some will say that financial investments will do little. What’s non-negotiable is that donating your own money where you see fit is how social justice should be pursued. Instead of slapping stickers on the back of a helmets and stitching patches that makes the hearts of white liberals throb, maybe athletes should instead invest their time and energy to the causes these symbols support. That’s what the New York Jets have decided to do and it should, in theory, encourage others to invest resources where they personally see fit.

The press release also claims that players are expected to get involved.

“New York Jets players and staff will have the opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise on various upcoming projects with each organization.”

The team should insist that their players donate at least some time, if not their money, to the organization of their choosing. Athletes have boasted for years that they are “More Than An Athlete,” but if that’s the legacy they want, then they we should make them earn it.

Regardless, they deserve credit

Props to the Jets organization for making a real effort to fight for what they believe in. They may not have chosen organizations we agree with, but it’s not our money.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Instead of slapping stickers on the back of a helmets and stitching patches that makes the hearts of white liberals throb, maybe we should instead invest our time and energy to the causes these symbols support.

    No black person would say something like this. Patches and stickers have nothing to do with the movement on a whole. (step outside of Outkick Circle, read the Grio or like sources please) The movement will have its own path with or without white liberals or Alt Right white conservatives. It isn’t about you with all due respect. Minorities don’t need to wait on anyone. They don’t need permission from white people to take a stand for justice. We are all Americans, non more than anyone else. Those days are gone. We know the truth now.

  2. Gary – thanks for another great article offering your authentic perspective. As another racial minority, I wholeheartedly agree with Gary’s assessment – I am sick of bumper stickers, hashtags, moral gesturing, etc. from my white colleagues at the workplaces and from multi-billion dollars that I work for and work with every day–they frankly mean very little to me. Even the money they donated at times seem like a drop in the bucket. But at least money donated speaks louder than empty words, which is something Mason Mauler just doesn’t get and is clearly misinformed.

  3. Gary, I have no idea what organizations the Jets are donating to, but you’re right, they are at least making an effort and “putting their money where there mouth is” as opposed to just slapping stickers on helmets and sucking up to white liberals……Also, what the Jets are doing is far and away better than what the NBA does with all their race-bating. I”ll never forget Popovich flat out lying about the Michael Brown story. Popovich helped propagate the hands up don’t shoot lie that led to even more violence after George Floyd.But does the NBA care about stirring violence? they don’t care of course because they are too busy selling us out to China

    • I just went back and checked the Jets webpage. On the surface it looks like the Jets are donating to organizations whose heart is in the right place. I didn’t see any BLM or any shady looking organizations. The “cops and kids” program they are helping sounds good. So much better than the NBA, which promotes defunding the police. I also liked the “innocence project”. ….but Gary, forgive me if I sounded skeptical about who the Jets might be funding. After the pathetic antics of multi millionaire do-nothing white liberals like Popovich, Kerr, and Van Gundy, who’ve lied about police shootings and referred to riots as “mostly peaceful”, the phrase “pro sports organizations who care” has almost become synonymous with “lying Motherfu#$%*s”

  4. “social justice” is just a synonym for Marxism. The Jets should absolutely NOT be applauded for this grotesque act. This money will go to continuing to further the divide between Americans, destruction of our moral base, and furthering of blacks from their traditional Christian values and beliefs. Fuck social justice. Fuck Marxism. Fuck the Jets.

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