The NBA Media Are Adam Silver’s Ball Massagers

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Adrian Wojnarowski deserved to be suspended for what he did because it was stupid.

He wrote “fuck you” to a Missouri senator who pointed out his hypocrisy, ESPN’s hypocrisy, and the NBA’s hypocrisy as it pertains to China and Hong Kong.

He deserved to be suspended. If he had said the same thing to AOC or Joe Biden, he would have gotten fired.

The reason why he knew he could say “fuck you”, was because he Josh Hawley is a Republican senator and because ESPN doesn’t respect half of the country. That is clear. Straightforward. They are MSESPN. They are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, WokeCenter.

Lebron tweets #FreeWoj. Woj doesn’t have anything to worry about. He is suspended for a couple weeks as we broke the news on Outkick. 

He’s going to get his job back and make millions of dollars. 

But Lebron James won’t say #FreeHongKong, he won’t support human rights in China.

Lebron wants to brand himself as more than an athlete or someone who refuses to shut up and dribble.

But the truth of the matter is this, if you pay Lebron enough money, he will shut up and dribble.

He doesn’t want to be anything more than an athlete. He is a pale flicker of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali gave up his heavyweight title, refused to go to war, and went to jail over what he believed in.

Lebron James makes more money ripping America than he would if he actually stood up for human rights and injustice and didn’t say the First Amendment is a bad thing when he demonstrated that he’s Chairman Xi’s favorite individual NBA player.

Lebron James is bending the knee to China and his Chinese masters and overlords. Why?  So he can get Space Jam 2 into Chinese theatres.

This dude is a huge hypocrite and a huge fraud. He’ll rip America when there is no risk. He’ll rip Donald Trump when there is no risk. He’ll say #FreeWoj when there is no risk,

But if you threaten his pocketbook at all, he won’t say a damn word. Lebron James is really the biggest fraud in all of sports.

And the NBA, Gregg Popovich, Steve Kerr, Adam Silver, and all these woke, fake social justice warrior losers are silent while they shut up and dribble and take all of these Chinese communist dollars.

That is why it all matters.

So too the sports media. Are you covering the league or are you captured by the league.

All of these guys tweeting out that they are in the bubble. Who cares if you are in the bubble or not.

All you are doing in the bubble is massaging Adam Silver’s balls. You aren’t asking any questions that matter.

You are cuddling everyone who is in the NBA and giving butterfly kisses.  Are you media members who are trying to speak truth to power or all you ball cuddlers because it seems to me that the NBA media are a bunch of ball cuddlers.

They are walking right up to Adam Silver and massaging his balls and asking what can they do to make him feel better.

They aren’t going to ask him any difficult questions. They aren’t going to ask him what the truth is when he said he had respect for China.

What do you respect the most, the concentration camps, the pulling books out and banning them from libraries, putting people in jail for protesting for democracy?  What part of that do you respect the most?

The NBA has chosen to align itself with modern day Nazis which is certainly ironic because the NBA players and fans run around on Twitter all day long calling people they disagree with “Nazis”.

The NBA is on the wrong side of history refused to stand up to them.

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  1. Why is Clay Travis one of the few people in the sports media talking about this? Nobody at MSESPN will say anything, but why aren’t people that I used to respect (Cowherd) calling out LeBron and the NBA ties to China? I thought the news media was super far left in 2010, but that has now extended to the sports media in 2020. All forms of entertainment will be super far left in 2030. We’ll only have platforms like Outkick and maybe Fox News left.

  2. Great article and podcast. I just don’t understand what “journalism” students learn in college anymore? I know journalism students take a liberal arts based class load. Where is the philosophical questioning? Where is the reasoning with facts and logic? Where is the critical thinking? Journalism is ruled by the Twitter mob like Clay and Jason discussed yesterday on the radio show and Jason wrote about in his article released yesterday. It is sad all these media corporations are afraid of the illogical, unintelligent, Twitter mob. The sad thing is the Twitter mob fits the Democrat’s agenda. The DNC pretends to help black and poor people. If that is true why are so many of our urban areas still poor after 50 + years of Dem governance? Why is West Virginia still poor? Why is southern Ohio and Western PA still poor? Dems want all these Trump haters to vote and then guess what happens next. More jobs and money pour into China. How does that help coal miners, steal workers and factory workers? It doesn’t. Not one bit. Where does this all end? Or does it.

    • Hillary actually said she was getting rid of coal mining back in 2016 when she was running. Barack did as much as he could in 8 years with oppressive regs and higher taxes to eliminate coal and let Chinese still flood the world markets. Coal production was down 33% from 2008 to 2016. You don’t turn a supertanker around so easily to use that metaphor.

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