The NBA Dunk Contest Is Over, This Guy On Ice Skates Already Won

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Don’t even bother, Adam Silver. No dunk contest needed. Yes, force Bron and his buddies to play an All-Star Game because it’s funny to watch them complain about having to play an exhibition game for the kids. Dunk contest…no need.

Robin Worling, the world’s No. 9 ranked ice cross downhill skater, is the genius behind this lake dunk that has rendered the 2021 NBA Dunk Contest useless. Worling is calling this a 25-foot dunk on skates, and though he doesn’t grab the rim and yank it to the ice, this is clearly a 10 and something that you weren’t going to see out of 2020 Dunk Contest winner Derrick Jones Jr. or Aaron Gordon.

As for the ASG, it’ll happen March 7 in Atlanta. Remember, Adam Silver doesn’t want people coming to the ATL to party, hit up strip clubs, booze, etc. “We don’t want people to gather for events around this All-Star. There will be absolutely no social functions in Atlanta. No ticketed events. No parties,” Silver told ESPN. “It is a made-for-television event at this point, and it’s largely in Atlanta because that’s where Turner Sports is located who will host this event … that’s why we are there, so we agree with the mayor.”

The dunk contest will be held at halftime of next Sunday’s game, but let’s be honest here, Robin already owns the trophy.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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