The NBA Bubble’s Quarantine Policy Isn’t Making Sense

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Zion Williamson. Zion bubble issues. This is an issue for the NBA. Zion had to leave the bubble because of family issues.

Now, when he returns to the NBA bubble, he has to re-acclimate to the bubble. He has to quarantine.

This is interesting because when you compare it to Major League Baseball.

MLB took a different route than the NBA,.

MLB is staying in the home markets. They are traveling. They are also going to allow people to live their lives without having to go into a bubble environment.

It seems like the NBA rigged the rules to try to hopefully get Zion in a first round series against the Lakers because they want the baton passed from Lebron to Zion so Zion can become the next NBA star.

This is a strange story. Every time a player leaves the bubble — including if they leave during the playoffs — they will have to reacclimate and requarantine.

I saw the data but they said there was only a four day requirement in order for Zion to start playing again.

I don’t understand why some quarantines require 14 days, some require 7 days, some require 4 days. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

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  1. A reporter actually used the word “sacrifices” to describe LeBron’s adjustments to the Bubble. These sacrifices include (1) not taking his personal chef (2) not taking his personal trainer and (3) eating the same food as the other players. (BTW, his Bubble Crib is lavish, so that didn’t get mentioned.)
    I always thought sacrifice was like (1) when a Dad or Mom ate less so their children could have more food (2) risking your life in combat to preserve American freedom (3) working overtime or two jobs to support your family. Yes, the players have to spend time away from their families — but salespeople and military and many others live with family separation constantly as a part of their job. NBA guys act like it’s a unique hardship for them.

    In pro sports, entitlement is rampant. A baseball player actually said watching sports is a “reward.” So…we should be so grateful that athletes offer us this privilege of watching them play. Their sacrifices are truly inspiring.

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