The NBA Bubble Could Burst Before It Opens

Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan said Thursday that he put down the NBA’s 113-page health-and-safety handbook after reading just 10 lines. He told reporters the guidelines are “frustrating and overwhelming.” 

The NBA’s Orlando Bubble will burst long before we play a game at the end of this month. It won’t be saved by a snitch hotline, increased testing or LeBron James’ thirst to file an immediate rebuttal to Michael Jordan’s “Last Dance” hagiography. 

The Orlando Bubble is the modern day Titanic sailing in waters filled with enough icebergs to sink a fleet of luxury cruise ships. Why is it even called a “bubble” if unionized Disney workers can come and go as they please? Does Adam Silver really believe his band of millionaire millennials are going to tolerate being less free than the hourly millennials who serve them?

Silver would be smart to burst the bubble now. Make the players sign waivers, let them do as they please and get this thing over with as soon as possible. NBA lawyers probably think the 113-page handbook will protect the league against litigation. It’s likely going to do just the opposite. It’s going to be used to justify some ill player’s lawsuit.

The league announced Thursday that nine more of its players tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total to 25. 

There’s no way the Orlando Bubble plan survives, no way the game plan laid out is executed. There’s just one NBA player all-in on a reboot of the lost season — King James. He needs this season to climax as desperately as a teenage boy on prom night. 

Giannis doesn’t need it. Kawhi doesn’t need it. James Harden? Why should he care? Same goes for Russell Westbrook, Dame Lillard and Steph Curry. 

LeBron is chasing the ghost of the GOAT. 

You know what? Silver should hand LeBron a mythical NBA championship and call it a season. It worked for years in college football.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Sheff, I really appreciate and enjoy reading your columns. One of the few honest people out there who isn’t worried about the “backlash”. Keep it up. I’m sure I won’t agree with all your columns, but I will always respect your right to have an opinion.

  2. Hey Gary, Jr.,
    Really good essay…and the Commish would be smart to do as you suggest: let the players come and go wherever/whenever…as long as they show up for the games. 100% it’s all about King James; just a lost season for everyone else. Jason said the reboot was gonna be a hot mess; sounds like you agree.
    The NBA can’t hand LBJ the trophy without playing the games, and the Lakers have to prevail, or the wannabe GOAT will have to switch to Plan B to catch Michael.
    Can’t agree with you dissing MJ about the documentary. He didn’t write it after the fact, like some revisionist history. What we saw unfolding on TV was in real time. He wasn’t looking for sainthood either lol. He said he thought it was gonna make him look bad. Good stuff, Gary!!! (I don’t know if you prefer to be called Gary, Jr. or not, but your dad must be very proud!!!)
    Best regards,

  3. It’s all about Lebron. This is the leagues way of placating his Heinous.

    He manipulated his way to previous championships and now they want to award him another trophy.

    The NBA was a wreck in the late seventies into the early 80’s until Magic and Bird saves the NBA. MJ elevates it with the help of dozens of superstars.

    LeBron and Silver are collapsing a great league. LeBron is becoming the Anti Jordan Magic Bird

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