The Moment That ‘Canceled’ Curt Schilling: Tomi Lahren

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Isn’t the Hall of Fame supposed to represent the best of the best?

Former MLB Pitcher Curt Schilling and Tomi Lahren discuss what got him booted from the HOF on Thursday’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless.

“Oh, two words,” Schilling said. “Two words got me booted in ’04 after we won the World Series. I went on ‘Good Morning America’ and I’ll never forget it. It was 7 a.m. and we’d just flown back from Saint Louis.”


“I was talking to Charles Gibson at the end of the interview — the election was coming up and I said, ‘hey, make sure you guys tell your viewers to go out and vote and vote Bush,'” Schilling continued. “Oh, well, I’m in Boston. I didn’t realize it. I didn’t care. I mean, that’s I would have said it anyway. But my wife and I worked at the ALS for over 30 years and we lost millions of dollars in our charities. We lost sponsors for those two words.”

Watch Tomi and Curt’s comments:

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  1. Whitlock to Lahren. Upgrade? Where can you find content from someone who has had a real job at least once in their life before talking into a phone? I want to like Tomi, but I don’t think she could make a ham sandwich without the help of a You Tube video. Two good guests to start I guess I’m just tired of the matriarchy taking over sports. I don’t look up Whitlock to find advice on best foot scrubber. Clay’s on his knees on Hannity w Lindsey Graham. Get the gold and all sellout to the uni-party. I can do without RINOs from Fox News. I’ll be expecting the announcement of Stelter as the newest contributor in a few weeks.

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