The Milwaukee Bucks Hand Sanitizer Cam Is Amazing, Which Means It’ll Be Canceled

Imagine the executives inside the Milwaukee Bucks offices right now as the organization’s Hand Sanitizer Cam is going viral. Horny Twitter has turned the cam into a sexual joke and now some poor soul from the in-game marketing department will be put out to pasture for greenlighting a pump bottle blasting a liquid.

This is an absolute nightmare for any NBA front office, especially once the Sarah Spains of the world unleash their fake fury on Hand Sanitizer Cam as some misogynistic stunt by some sick individual.  An executive vice president will have to issue a written statement saying how it was never the organization’s intent to sexualize its in-game entertainment. The NBA will have to observe a moment of silence across the league.

Christine Brennan will break from her COVID hysteria to demand heads roll. CNN, where you can’t say boobs or you’ll be banned, will beam her in live from the library bunker in her house that she hasn’t left in a year. She’ll twist Horny Twitter’s Hand Sanitizer Cam joke into a reason why the Big Ten shouldn’t play football in the fall. It’ll be quite a scene.

Meanwhile, those of us with a sense of humor will be laughing our asses at this comedy. This is something that Jimmy Kimmel would’ve had fun with on The Man Show before he started sniveling as a late-night show host.

There’s absolutely zero chance the Hand Sanitizer Cam is around Thursday, March 11 when the Knicks roll into town. By then, the Bucks executive VP of in-game operations will have apologized to every feminist organization across the country, but we’ll be left with this incredible footage.

Let’s check in with Doris Burke and hear what she has to say about the Hand Sanitizer Cam:

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Can we please stop reaching to make everything sexual. You have to be thinking dirty all the time to turn this into that. It says more about these people posting crap then the person who came up with the promotion. I’m no choir boy but honestly after watching this I wouldn’t have gone there. It wasn’t that obvious. And those who immediately go there, quit giving them air time. It only encourages the denigration of our society which we are seeing the effects of now.

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