The Media Has Already Turned On New Eagles Coach

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All it took was one introductory press conference from new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni for some members of the media to turn on him. He hasn’t even been there a week, and yet things are already off to a rocky start.

Marcus Hayes of The Philadelphia Inquirer has already called Sirianni three things: a snared rabbit, a liar and — the best one — Barney Fife. Folks, the man’s first press conference was on Friday, and he’s already getting lit up.

Of course, some of this is on Sirianni. Hayes correctly assessed that the new coach was “overwhelmed, unprepared and contradictory” in his opening interaction with the media. This brief clip shared by Adam Lefkoe sums that up perfectly:

It was fun to take a couple jabs following Sirianni’s early struggles, but Hayes wasn’t in a joking mood apparently. He’s out for blood, and Sirianni is in the crosshairs.

So, what did Sirianni lie about? Well, here is an excerpt from Hayes:

And, bless his soul, he lied.

He didn’t lie out of malice, but lie, he did. Asked if he had a timeframe for naming a starter between broken Carson Wentz and raw Jalen Hurts, Sirianni replied:

“That hasn’t even crossed my mind.”

Come on, Coach.

And to sum up the press conference, Hayes once again went in on Sirianni.

When it was mercifully over, Sirianni had delivered exactly 37 minutes of exuberant, optimistic word salad. A high-energy nothing-burger. He looked and sounded like the love child of Dick Vitale and Tony Robbins.

It’s a piece worth reading for the entertainment value alone. But if Sirianni is already getting this sort of treatment from the media in Philadelphia, he’d better succeed early. Things can absolutely get worse.

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  1. Marcus Hayes (sportswriter) is woke and a racist. He sees everything in color. He’s mad because Eric Bienamy didn’t get the job. But, obviously, there is something about Bienamy that scares teams. For him (Bienamy) to have this great reputation but no one hires him is interesting.

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