HBO Drops Chilling Weeks Ahead Preview For ‘The Last Of Us’

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It looks like “The Last of Us” will only get more intense with every passing week.

The season one premiere of the highly-anticipated HBO series dropped this past Sunday, and it was an immediate hit.

In the early viewership numbers, it was the second most-watched premiere for the network since 2010. It was unbelievably captivating and intense, and as you can tell from the monster TV ratings, fans were immediately addicted.

Now, HBO has given fans a look at what to expect the rest of the season as Joel tries to ferry Ellie to safety after a pandemic destroys the world.

The short preview perfectly sets the tone for a season of absolute anarchy and darkness.

“The Last of Us” is off to an insane start.

As we’ve covered many times here at OutKick, we’re truly living through the golden age of TV. Now, it’s very common and normal to see a legit movie star doing a television series.

Pedro Pascal is a beast in the acting game, and he’s excellent as Joel. It’s impossible to look away whenever he’s on the screen.

He’s such a dark and damaged character (you’ll understand why within the first 15 minutes), and the whole setup works perfectly. You don’t need to have played one second of the video game to enjoy it.

People are craving great content, and HBO delivered a home run with this series.

Given all the woke garbage Hollywood loves to pump out, anything that’s even remotely apolitical turns into a huge hit.

Anything that leans to the right even a little also blows up. Look at “The Terminal List” or anything Taylor Sheridan releases for proof of that fact.

While “The Last of Us” certainly isn’t a right leaning show, it just focuses on being fun and awesome. It’s a pandemic thriller in a post-apocalyptic world. If that doesn’t fire you up, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s off to an outstanding start, and the look ahead preview promises more action.

“The Last of Us” is off to a great start. A preview for the weeks ahead promises even more action. (Credit: HBO)

Catch it Sunday nights on HBO, and make sure to catch back to OutKick for the latest coverage as we have it!

Written by David Hookstead

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