‘The Last Of Us’ Continues To Put Up Bonkers TV Ratings

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“The Last of Us” continues to be a dominant force in the world of entertainment.

There’s just a single episode left in season one of the hit HBO series, and fans can’t wait to find out how the inaugural run ends.

Now, we also have some new ratings data, and the numbers are absolutely massive.

“The Last of Us” draws a massive audience.

Episode eight was watched by 8.1 million viewers Sunday on the regular broadcast, according to a release from HBO. That’s a 74% increase from the season debut. Not only is the audience growing, but it’s growing at an unstoppable pace.

HBO also announced the first five episodes of the show have averaged nearly 30 million across all platforms.

“The Last of Us” continues to put up huge ratings. (Credit: HBO)

“The Last of Us” is a great example of what happens when you focus on great entertainment above all else. As we know, Hollywood loves pumping out woke trash.

It’s pretty much all Hollywood does these days. Instead of focusing on entertainment, fans just get over the top lectures from shows and movies.

“The Last of Us” has turned into a massive TV hit. Season one ends Sunday. (Credit: HBO)

Anything that actually focuses on producing great content tends to explode. That’s why “Top Gun: Maverick,” “House of the Dragon,” “Yellowstone,” “1923,” “The Terminal List” and a couple other productions are such huge hits.

People just want to be entertained, and ever since the first episode, “The Last of Us” has been incredible. It had one of the best premieres in years. The post-apocalyptic series grabbed fans and refused to let us go.

The ratings are proof that it isn’t just successful. “The Last of Us” has turned into TV’s latest unstoppable force.

“The Last of Us” continues to put up huge ratings. (Credit: HBO)

Now, we sit and wait for Sunday night. It should be an epic conclusion to an outstanding first season.

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