Sinister ‘The Last Of Us’ Preview Promises Plenty Of Chaos In New Episode

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“The Last of Us” will continue to take fans on a very dark journey with episode five.

The fifth episode of the HBO series with Pedro Pascal will drop Friday instead of the usual Sunday night.

Due to the Super Bowl being the only focus in America Sunday night, HBO made the correct decision to release episode five early. It’s a genius move people will definitely get behind.

The preview for the new episode is already out, and it certainly looks like more carnage and chaos will unfold in Kansas City.

“The Last of Us” continues to be on fire.

There should be a full review of episode four of “The Last of Us” out later today from our great writer Alejandro Avila. He’s been crushing it with his in-depth analysis of what’s happening and what fans can expect. The reviews are the best on the internet.

What I will say without spoiling anything is that I think I liked episode four a lot more than most viewers. Was it a bit of a setup episode?

“The Last of Us” episode five comes out early. The new episode comes out Friday morning. (Credit: HBO)

Yes, but I enjoyed Joel and Ellie diving into the hell of Kansas City. FEDRA, the main villain (I think?) is nowhere to be seen.

Instead, the city is being run under the iron fist of a mysterious woman named Kathleen. There is no mercy. Only pain.

“The Last of Us” continues to be incredible. (Credit: HBO)

Now, as you can tell from the preview, there’s some kind of creature that is about to bust loose and cause absolute mayhem. Excited? You damn sure better be. “The Last of Us” has quickly become the next great TV hit, and you don’t want to be the only person missing out. Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the best coverage on the internet. It simply can’t be beat.

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