Ominous New ‘Last Of Us’ Promo Promises Fans Zero Hope

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It looks like the new episode of “The Last of Us” will be incredibly dark.

The third episode of the hit HBO series aired this past Sunday night, and it threw fans a bit of an unexpected curveball.

I won’t get into any spoilers (we will likely have a more in-depth review later on OutKick), but it was an incredible episode.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if Nick Offerman ended up being nominated for some awards for his performance as Bill, a survivalist connected on the fringes to Joel.

“The Last of Us” stunned fans with episode three. Nick Offerman gave an incredible performance as Bill. (Credit: HBO)

Now, fans are gearing up for the fourth episode this Sunday night, and the preview certainly paints a very ominous picture of what to expect.

You can dive in below, but don’t expect to find yourself smiling or laughing.

“The Last of Us” has turned into TV’s next big hit.

It’s hard to put into words just how impressive “The Last of Us” has been through three episodes. The ratings are insane and HBO wasted no time before pulling the trigger on renewing the series with Pedro Pascal.

Even if you’re not into sci-fi/post-apocalyptic shows, it’s still worth giving a shot. It’s about as dark as any show in recent memory.

Think season one of “True Detective,” but set in a world where a pandemic has taken out the world. That’s a great way to think about the vibe and tone.

“The Last of Us” has turned into TV’s next huge hit. (Credit: HBO)

It seems like things will also only be getting darker from here as Joel attempts to ferry Ellie to safety. At the end of episode three, he names the location and person he’s attempting to make a run for. It perfectly sets up a lengthy road trip.

Of course, nothing in “The Last of Us” goes according to plan. Judging from the preview, that won’t change in episode four.

“The Last of Us” is a massive hit with viewers. (Credit: HBO)

Buckle up for chaos. For those of you watching, let us know your thoughts on “The Last of Us” so far in the comments. I can’t wait to read what people are thinking.

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