The Juice Is Loose — Again! O.J. Simpson Released From Parole

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Any way you slice it, O.J. Simpson is once again “a completely free man.” On Tuesday, a Nevada parole board granted the 74-year-old Simpson early release from his parole. Look out, ladies (and waiters), the Juice is once again loose.

“Mr. Simpson is a completely free man now,” said Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s lawyer.

Simpson spent nine of a possible 33 years in prison after being found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. He was released in 2017 and put on parole, which was scheduled to have lasted until February 2022. Instead, Simpson is now free, released roughly three months early because of what Nevada State Police spokeswoman Kim Yoko Smith said was “good behavior credit.”

Now that he’s been paroled, O.J. will have an extra three months to finally make good on his claim to hunt down the killer who took the lives of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

In the event the now-free Simpson finds the killer, he can finally relax and work on his post-prison dating life. In case you didn’t notice, the Juice’s pickup skills have gone sour.

See for yourself.

Simpson declined interview requests on Tuesday, so there’s no way to tell whether he used his celebrity to cut the line of paroles waiting for early release. But that’s a safe bet. After all, the former Heisman Trophy winning running back has always been a slasher.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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