The Jalen Hurts Backpack Story Will Brighten Your Day

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Back in July, a mother in Louisiana asked her son what kind of backpack he wanted for first grade. It was the typical question mothers across the country were asking their kids, but Nikki Godfrey got an unusual answer from her son, Alexander. He wanted a Jalen Hurts No. 2 backpack.

“He feels like Jalen is tough,” Nikki told Chris McPherson of “Even though he got placed on another team, he still plays very hard and tries hard, and that’s what a champion is.”

Jalen Hurts backpacks aren’t available on, so Nikki’s mom did the personalization job on a Cricut machine and little Alexander had his personalized backpack.

Nikki tweeted the picture in late July and tagged Hurts. One thing led to another and Hurts was made aware of Alexander’s backpack so this week Hurts tweeted back that he is now carrying a backpack dedicated to his buddy Alexander.

The Eagles report Jalen carried the backpack around training camp Tuesday and couldn’t believe what he was hearing when the Eagles told him Alexander’s reasoning for being a fan of his.

“For him to say that, he gets more brownie points with me. I’ve got a lot of love for this kid already. I’ve had my fair share of things that I’ve had to overcome. For a 6-year-old little boy to kind of realize that shows his maturity. For me, I just want to set the right example for all people watching. I guess Alexander the Great gets it.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Jalen is a Class act. I watched him at Bama behave like a champion when things were good, and when things were bad.

    I hate the eagles, but I’m a fan of Jalen. And btw … Jalen has a chip on his shoulders.

    If he gets to play NFL QB, he won’t give that job up.

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