Golden Knights Will Punch Ticket To Stanley Cup Tonight

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Golden Knights vs. Stars, 8:00 ET

There was one close-out game last night in the National Hockey League and the Panthers took care of business. Count me in the group of people that thinks it is awesome for an eight-seed to make the Stanley Cup Finals. We all love upsets, but we are unhappy that the underdog is winning a series in the playoffs? If this was March Madness, we’d love the Cinderella story. Unfortunately, I couldn’t grab us a win, but I’ll look to make this back here. The Golden Knights get a chance to punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals with a win over the Stars.

Games 1 and 2 were competitive and good battles. In Game 1, the Stars lost to the Golden Knights in overtime. I mentioned last time that the teams seem to be alternating scoring, but the Stars just couldn’t get any luck on their side in either of the first two games. Game 2 saw essentially the same thing, but the Golden Knights and Stars scored just a goal less each. But, it really was basically the same game as the first one. Then Game 3 came and everything changed. This was a game the Stars needed so they could get somewhat back into the series. Now they have no choice but to win all four games. In Game 3, the Stars had a really stupid penalty on their captain that basically cost them the game. Now he is going to be out for the next two games as well. Can Dallas survive?

The Stars are down 0-3 in the Conference Finals. (Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images)

I really don’t think they can. It seems like this series is completely over. I like the Stars and think they have enough talent to mount a comeback, but when your team leader loses his composure and then you lose the game things get even harder. Dallas could respond today and send the series back to Vegas, but they haven’t been consistently great all playoffs. They’ve been better than their opponents, but they haven’t gotten on a streak like the Golden Knights or even the Florida Panthers. The Knights will probably close this game out tonight. They have been so good on the road this season and are playing very well right now. With the Panthers winning last night, they probably don’t want to extend this series. The Golden Knights have now won five games in a row and the sixth will be tough, but the way goalie Adin Hill has played for them, they have a great chance.

I am taking the Golden Knights tonight. The Stars are without their captain, and while that doesn’t mean they can’t win, I just don’t think this is the game for them to take down. I’ll back Vegas in this one at -105.

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Written by David Troy

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