The Freemans Are Having Twin Boys, Football Guy Gets On Ladder & Odell Goes Back To Blonde?

Let’s go out there and have a positive Saturday full something that brings enjoyment to your life

You know what I did last night? I helped my father-in-law install outlets on a side of my patio that was lacking power of any sort. Why? Because I want the ability this fall to sit and have a beer and watch football while sucking down that sweet nectar of fall in the air. In Ohio, bars aren’t allowed to serve beers past 10 p.m. That means those of us who enjoy a Saturday night football out with the guys have to adjust.

That means I need power for the eventual TV I’ll hang off the side of the house so I can sit there in my hoodie and suck down fresh air. Last night’s project called for a two-gang at the bottom box and conduit up to another receptacle that will provide power for the TV and a light switch that will handle power for can lights I’ll eventually cut into the soffits.

You know what? I think both of us had fun working on the project. It’s fulfilling. My father-in-law recently retired as lead HVAC engineer at a nuclear power plant so I couldn’t have a better project leader. Just guys ripping wire (I’m no electrician, maybe there’s better slang, insider lingo) and doing something that brings enjoyment.

Now I need you guys to go out there and find that enjoyment. Maybe football isn’t it this year for you. Maybe there’s a project out there that can inject that enjoyment and the feeling of fulfillment when you finally lay down at night. It’s been rough watching people deal with the lack of happiness.

Take care and have a great Saturday.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • And as I understand it, David, the bathroom she wanted to use was BEHIND her…she eventually turns around and goes towards it, yet she refused to let the flight attendant to pass to get to her work station. Huh???
      Bigger question is why didn’t the airline upgrade the Queen to first class???

  1. Joe, I feel ya on having to install more outlets. It seems like every house comes standard with horrible lighting and poor outlet placement. And the term is “pulling wire.”

    Also, how is this Cowboys fan going to put a tv above the toilet? The best spot is across from the toilet. He can view it on the toilet and when using his mirror when in front of the vanity. He could even watch it from his shower. And I thought Bears fans were the dumbest.

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